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Hello Spark world! My name is Sara and I am here to lose weight and to change my eating habits. I have no problem with exercise, I have issues with nutrition.

I can remember being put on a diet at age 12, and my Mom encouraging me to start walking. I've done some type of exercising for the majority of the time since then. Oh, I've had periods where I would be lazy, but I would always start back because I would feel so lousy when I wasn't exercising.

Eating is ...
Hello Spark world! My name is Sara and I am here to lose weight and to change my eating habits. I have no problem with exercise, I have issues with nutrition.

I can remember being put on a diet at age 12, and my Mom encouraging me to start walking. I've done some type of exercising for the majority of the time since then. Oh, I've had periods where I would be lazy, but I would always start back because I would feel so lousy when I wasn't exercising.

Eating is another issue I'm sorry to say. I am a member of the clean plate club, not because my parent's made me or anything, but my Dad always cleaned his plate and any bowl that had anything left and I am just like him. I have made lots of changes about what I eat, but I still eat way to much.

Like a lot of people, I have lost weight before and have gained it back, however, (and I use this as motivation) I haven't ever gained the full amount I have lost back. In 2008 I lost 60 pounds and I have only gained 30 of that back. Yes, it is a gain but at least I didn't gain back all plus more. I have been on a 4, almost 5 year plateau. During that time I went through some of the lowest, darkest days of my life. I lost the most precious wonderful little boy and I don't know if I will ever be whole again. I'm seeing rays of sunshine again and I am ready to start moving forward, or more forward. I have made many strides. I thank God for his unfailing love for me and a faith that has only become stronger through this loss. So, you can see why I count that gain as a victory, because it could have been so much more.

So this year I will work to make more postiive strides in my life and to get closer to my health goals. I'm not really going to write anything specific, because I don't know what my goal will be. I am just going to go by how I feel, and when I get there I will know.

Won't you join me in my journey?
Update 3/11/13

I realized that I had almost lost 5% of my starting weight today. Literally am ounces away! I am feeling so accomplished! So I decided to use that as my goal. 5% losses, very doable and I hopefully can regularly meet those goals. Small, specific and attainable!


2/8/13 Weigh-In below 200- Not met

2/15/13-4/19/13 Weigh-Ins continue to steadily lose

2/15- 199 Goal Met
********1st 5% weight loss =194.4. Will I meet this Friday?*********
3/15- 194.6 So Close!
3/22- 194.0 1st 5% goal met!
4/19- didn't weigh-in (Mom's surgery) but did not reach my goal :(

Ultimately 4/19/13 goal: 185
***********2nd 5% weight loss. This will be a little less than 185 and almost 10# down from 1st. (and a total of 20 pounds down!)***************
4/20/13: Warrior Dash-completed with a time of 2 hours and 30 or so minutes. So much fun! Setting goals now for next years event!

***********Major set back as I have not done well eating and exercising since mom's surgery. DO NOT want to weigh-in but will do it anyway. Disappointed in myself but getting back on track.************

Update 6/3-
Have to face facts that I am not going to make my goal I set for myself at the beginning of the SIA challenge :(. Really disappointed in myself right now. I've been reading the posts of my previous success and am just sick I've let myself gain almost all I lost back! I could kick myself! Only thing to do now is get back to it. It is hard but I am worth it!

(End of Springing to Action Challenge)
Even in the face of my own disappointment, I have yet to focus on my goals and make any progress. Set myself new goals that coincide with the beginning of the fall trimester. YOU GOT THIS!!!!

(6/22- Anna's Way 5k)

The eve of a new year, new goals and a new attitude! My progress has be nil, unfortunately I have regressed instead of progressed. No excuses, I knowingly put every bite of food in my mouth showing not one bit of restraint :(. Starting all over again, so thankful I can :). This is a journey and must be taken day to day or even hour by hour or minute by minute if needed. Going to try the 5% weight loss goals again to see if that is motivation enough, if not I will regroup and come up with a new strategy!

Starting Weight 12/31/13= 214.2
************First 5% goal=203.5
*************2nd 5% goal=193.3
*************3rd 5% goal=183.6
(vacation to Destin 4/23-4/27)
**************4th 5% goal=174.4
6/1- My birthday!!! Lets see how many pounds/inches down I can be!

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My Goals:
Be healthier, get down to a normal BMI, look nicer in my clothes.

Finish a Warrior Dash-completed 4/20/13!

Run in a couple of 5K's this year
-Anna's Way 5k 6/22
-Run or Dye ???
-St. Jude Grizzlies House 5k????

Always be thankful for everything

Give of myself more (volunteer more)

My Program:
I will be eating as clean as possible and will calorie cycle for a couple days a week to keep my body guessing.

Workout 5-6 days/week

Train for Warrior Dash in April. (completed)

Training for 5k's

Personal Information:
I am a full-time student studying Medical Radiography.

I am married and live in Tennessee. My husband and I lost our 6 year old son in 2010 and it has been a hard road since then but we are making it. I give thanks for my God, my family and my friends for without them I would not be where I am today. I am also thankful for exercise! It has helped me through many a tough spot as well! I love the way I feel after a good sweat session.

Get to know me and I will most likely talk your ear off!

Other Information:
I love to read, watch movies, go hiking with my hubby. Spend time with my family. I try to enjoy life, I only have one and I want it to be the best I can make it!

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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday


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emoticon Happy BELATED Birthday, DONE GIRL emoticon

The Gemini child is born to a father who is well respected in the community and she is often the "baby" in the family. She grows up fast as she is allowed to keep up with the bigger kids so she talks early and she continues to love to talk. She often has two of everything, and later in life can have two marriages. She loves variety and can change easily. She should never marry young, but take time to explore the world and learn about herself. She can have problems with her "nerves" and depression can be an issue for her. She thinks to much. (Marilyn Monroe was a Gemini woman. Her best friend said "No one knows the real Marilyn.) Gemini can be very different behind closed doors. She gets along with Libra, Aquarius, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius and Virgo. She should avoid controlling Scorpio who keeps secrets. She must have a person who is open & honest as she tells all. She loves to play games. She makes a good writer, reporter, or front-person as she loves to talk. She isn't meant to be obese, as she has to much energy, so she needs to have an outlet for exercise.

In Gemini the Sun is active, restless and changeable. You like plenty of variety in your everyday activities, in your friends, and even in your diet. Your interests are many and diverse--almost anything will attract your attention if only for a brief time. Truly, this is the sign of the jack-of-all-trades. As the story goes, you may find that unless you can develop your powers of perseverance, you may be the master of none. Your varied interests can result in a tendency for you to spread yourself too thin, sometimes failing to follow through on projects you've begun.
Being very curious, you want to know and experience as much as you can. Gemini is the sign of duality. You find it difficult to limit yourself to one job, to one relationship, or one hobby, as you constantly seek variety and mental adventure. You scatter your energies because you don't want to miss anything. You are a lifelong student, never tiring of learning new subjects. You collect facts and tidbits of data, but you may not always have the big picture.
To the Gemini person, communication is of utmost importance. You flourish on ideas, with a mind that is ever so quick and curious. You are a person who enjoys talking and writing. All sorts of communication ideas appeal to nature. You are aware of all that is going on around you, and you want to understand and participate in it all. You are hard to pin down, and even harder to beat in a debate. Your abilities of combining quick comprehension , and the communication of this comprehension to others, are the hallmarks of your sign. You can talk yourself into and out of situations with ease. Often Mercury people (Gemini's ruling planet is Mercury) take mischievous delight in disconcerting slower minds with their fast paced mental antics. You like to be around people, and you never do well working alone or on any routine type job.
Extremely friendly, you enjoy companionship, and really thrive on it. Just as you don't like to be without activity, you don't like to be alone. You are likely to have a very wide circle of friends with whom you enjoy many activities--movies, games, conversation, and such. You are naturally outgoing and possess a sparkling wit. You are apt to become quickly bored with conservative types that can't make a decision or agree with your need to impose change. Not being very introspective or reflective, often you don't understand your motivations or the motivations of others. So in many ways, relationships can be shallow and superficial. Your restless mercurial nature requires constant excitement and change, or you'll becomes very dispirited and morose.

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emoticon You had a Birthday! emoticon Wishes you a great year to come! emoticon I hope you had a great day, sorry for the late wishes! emoticon

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emoticon emoticon Happy Birthday Done Girl!! It's your "New Year" make it count!! emoticon emoticon

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