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This is my OMG picture.....2004, I'm guessing 215ish, but the truth is I didn't care back then...

silly pose I know, but as hubby pointed out if you know me then you know this is me, goofy!

Where's Gibson?

I have 15 pics in my gallery


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(F)it and (A)ctive (T)oday

How many miles can I bike....

2.50 miles 7/21/14
0 miles 7/20/14
0 miles 7/19/14
0 miles 7/18/14
0 miles 7/17/14
0 miles 7/16/14
0 miles 7/15/14
0 miles 7/14/14
0 miles 7/13/14
0 miles 7/12/14
0 miles 7/11/14
0 miles 7/10/14
0 miles 7/9/14 ***roofing, 2 hours minimum
0 miles 7/8/14 ...
How many miles can I bike....

2.50 miles 7/21/14
0 miles 7/20/14
0 miles 7/19/14
0 miles 7/18/14
0 miles 7/17/14
0 miles 7/16/14
0 miles 7/15/14
0 miles 7/14/14
0 miles 7/13/14
0 miles 7/12/14
0 miles 7/11/14
0 miles 7/10/14
0 miles 7/9/14 ***roofing, 2 hours minimum
0 miles 7/8/14 (lazy)
2.60 miles 7/7/14 10 mins
0 miles 7/6/14 (vacation, lazy)
0 miles 7/5/14 (vacation, lazy)
0 miles 7/4/14 (4th of July)
0 miles 7/3/14 (vacation, no clue)
0 miles 7/2/14 (vacation, no clue)
0 miles 7/1/14 (*** mile hike on vacation)

June Stats
158.45 miles
53.1 mile increase
7 days no exercise

0 miles 6/30/14 Walked around DC for 5 or so hours.
0 miles 6/29/14 (funeral)
0 miles 6/28/14 (calling)
2.48 miles 6/27/14 (only 10 mins due to getting home after 11)
3.82 miles 6/26/14 (only 15 mins)
8.93 miles 6/25/14 terrible food day...
8.89 miles 6/24/13 + 5 planks
0 miles 6/23/14 (self pity day)
9.06 miles 6/22/14 33 minute miles
4.09 miles 6/21/14 (15 minutes....exhausted after a very long and fun day)
8.49 miles 6/20/14 + 2 planks
0 miles 6/19/14 (painting in Indy with family)
0 miles 6/18/14 (feeling down)
8.44 miles 6/17/14
0 miles 6/16/14 (resting my knee)
8.55 miles 6/15/14 32 minute miles
8.0 miles 6/14/14 (rode at Mom's house, guessed on the mileage)
8.39 miles 6/13/14
8.66 miles 6/12/14 (33 mins due to bad diet day....bad)
8.34 miles 6/11/14
0 miles 6/10/14 Felt like my body needed a break
8.10 miles 6/9/14 + 6 planks
7.84 miles 6/8/14 31 minutes + 5 planks
0 miles 6/7/14 gardening and swimming instead
7.60 miles 6/6/14 + 6 planks
7.85 miles 6/5/14
7.84 miles 6/4/14 + 5 planks
7.76 miles 6/3/14 + 2 rounds of weights, 1 plank
7.72 miles 6/2/14 + 3 planks
7.60 miles 6/1/14 Was tempted to skip it, but I did it at 10 at night! YAY!

May Stats
105.35 miles
24.6 mile increase
9 days with no exercise

April Stats
80.89 miles
6 days with no exercise.

Hi! My name is Heather. I am 36, I have been married to my husband John for going on 12 years now and we have a wonderful 6 year old little boy named Gibson. Of course he is the highlight of my life.

I have struggled with my weight since I was in college. It wasn't until 2009 that I took charge of my life. I lost a total of 65 pounds. It was an amazing feeling, the best I had felt in I don't know how long. I was confident and adventurous....two words I had never used to describe myself. SparkPeople was instrumental in my success. I kept my weight off for a year....and then it slowly started creeping back on. How disappointing. I felt like a failure.

Since then I have started and stopped many many times. I never make it past day 4. So this time, I set out with determination to beat this for good. I like to motivate others. It helps me stay motivated. In other words, I'm gonna stick my nose in your business....I hope you don't mind. :)

Lets do this and remember...

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My Goals:
My SMART Long term goal:

Specific = lose weight
Measurable = 72 pounds
Achievable = No more than 2 pounds a week
Realistic = Absolutely, I've done it before
Timely = By February 2015

My short term goals:

-Increase my cardio to 30 minutes per day 5-7 days a week.
-Weigh in on Mondays.
-Be a happier overall person.

My Program:
Cardio = 21 minutes on my bike in 3 minute cycles.

-1st 2 minutes at my normal pace
-3rd minuted at at least 1 - 2 miles an hour faster than my normal pace.
-Do a core movement every 3 minutes. Only doing this up to the 12th minute, would like to do it all the way up through my entire workout.

-Every Sunday I add on 3 more minutes of cardio per day. I am working up to 30 minutes a day. When/if I hit a plateau I will start uping it again.

Personal Information:
I am from good old Indiana. In case you haven't heard, there's more than corn in Indiana. I have a beautiful baby boy who lights up my world. He is the reason I work so hard every single day.

Other Information:
When I wonder about what my life would be like if I was at my goal weight I imagine a strong and courageous woman who isn’t afraid to face the world. She laughs more. She smiles more. She rarely gets sick. She waves to people she doesn’t know. Her state of mind is a complete 180 degrees. She is energized and she feels like she could conquer or comfort the world. Her hair is shiny, her skin is supple. Her eyes glow with the joy of what life holds out to her. She has the power and the desire to reach out with both hands and take all that is precious from her heart and share it with the world. She has the ability to feel passion, to exude passion. Her mind reaches a clarity it has never had in all of its 36 (or 37…anyone know how old I am?) years. She is bold, she is beautiful, she is strong, she is ME!

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7/19/2014 12:36:37 PM

emoticon emoticon

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7/17/2014 1:00:04 PM

emoticon Hope all is well with you, I see you hadn't posted in a couple of days. emoticon

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7/10/2014 4:18:12 PM

I'm beginning to wonder if I'm the same way because since I started trying to get healthy these past 5 years I've always kind of glossed over cardio and I know that now because it's been almost 2 weeks of rigorous cardio and I feel SO different! I have energy all day long but totally collapse at bedtime! And I'm even noticing ALREADY that the workouts are getting easier and I really really did not expect that so soon!

I liked the Jillian dvds but not so much her coaching style at this point in my progress. I felt like it's catered more towards people who hadn't tried working out before or who are just starting to get healthy. I remember her yelling at me through the tv, I can't remember exactly what but every day I did that workout video I just remember thinking "no sh*t Jillian, been on this path for years now, I've got this," haha like I'm all for encouragement I just remember hers didn't work for me. I love Jillian though, I think she's awesome! I like the 2 t25 videos I've been doing a lot and Shaun T is great; I have the same issue you do with pivoting and working out on a carpeted floor! Seems to really get in the way at times! I just try to do my best and make the pivots a little smaller to compensate lol

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7/8/2014 3:36:26 PM

Thanks for your comments on my blogs. I hear what you are saying about adding some more calories in and then not being able to stop. I will definitely look at this when I'm ready to do it. I'm quite tall (5'9), so being really slim does make me feel too fragile, (and I really like having a womanly figure!!), I think on this journey I will just see where it takes me, and when I can, resume strength training to try and combat the feeling of disappearing.

I'm glad you have made a start back on your journey. I hope life brings you some peace now for a while, you deserve it! x

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7/2/2014 6:23:36 AM

Hey Heather. How's your holiday going? x

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