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Perseverance-The Path to Success


ACT your way to right thinking
CREATE new habits
TAKE STEPS FORWARD no matter how small
INITIATE desired changes
NEVER GIVE UP on yourself

As of January 2016, I am focusing on my blood glucose and movement. In 2015, I had to add rapid acting insulin which, as it is a fat promoting hormone, caused me to gain 15 pounds. I took off that 15 pounds in 2015, and am still ...

ACT your way to right thinking
CREATE new habits
TAKE STEPS FORWARD no matter how small
INITIATE desired changes
NEVER GIVE UP on yourself

As of January 2016, I am focusing on my blood glucose and movement. In 2015, I had to add rapid acting insulin which, as it is a fat promoting hormone, caused me to gain 15 pounds. I took off that 15 pounds in 2015, and am still struggling with the insulin and my weight.

I was successful in my goals for 2015-moving at least 10 minutes per day, and honoring and listening to my body. I will continue with those goals.

Also, I am going back to an emphasis on exercising, and on taking my blood glucose regularly. The exercise helps the insulin resistance, and it has been shown that tracking glucose regularly enables one to control it better.

Here is to a wonderful 2016! Never take any moment or experience for granted. Life is to be enjoyed as much as possible, no matter what!

Update: As of January 2015, my new goal is least 10 minutes each day, and more if possible. I aim to do what I can each day. I will honor and listen to my body.

A trickle down effect occurs once one starts healthy habits. Things will get better. Persevere!

Update: As of July 2014, I finally got to 260! New goal 240.

Update: As of April 2013, I have met a few goals. I got rid of "stuff"--a lot of stuff. I am proud of that. I went from 269 to 280, and I am proud that I cut off the weight gain at that point. I am now 267. I am proud that I've gone through two major changes to my way of eating. I went gluten free, and began my happy descent from the 300s.

I have made lots of good changes, even through severe illness, and kept off 75 pounds. That is a win-win scenario for me.

Now, I commit to do my physical therapy maintenance each week, walk in the park each week, and carefully count my carbs in my carb and blood glucose tracker. I can do this! And you can too!

Just don't give up.

Little changes add up to big changes. Hang in there, even through the rough times. It will be worth it! :)


Update: As of July 2013, I finally hit the 260s--269 to be exact, from a starting weight of 345. I cannot wait to get to 260. Then my next goal will be 240. My words for today, "you can take a rest from time to time, but never ever give up!" There is always room for improvement.

Update: The end of March 2013 has me maintaining my weight loss at 280.2. I've been ill lately and unable to exercise much. I believe once I start exercising again, I will start to lose again. I am maintaining my gluten free lifestyle about 95 percent of the time. I guess one cannot be "perfect" with anything. A little imperfection is what make life beautiful, anyway. Here's to a great year! We WILL meet our goals!

As 2013 begins, I weigh 283.8 pounds which is essentially what I weighed before the holidays. (In the first week of January 2013 I hit my first goal of 280-yay!) My goal for this year will be to weigh 260 pounds. I will give myself a year to meet that goal, as I am incorporating permanent changes into my life, little by little (baby steps) so that I will be a "whole" person on the other side of obtaining all my planned goals. This "whole" person will enjoy having a life again and enjoy the increased physical activity.

I've made great progress under adverse conditions (knee injury and subsequent knee rehab). My good pal said that I was the only person she knew who lost weight after being injured and having mobility issues; hence, it can be done! Never make excuses. Just deal with what you have & just do what you need to do to the best of your abilities.

I am dedicated to making changes for the better, and I WILL be the best I can be!

My other goals consist of: 1. getting rid of unnecessary "stuff," 2. volunteering for a good cause, 3. starting my own jewelry business, 4. pursuing my art, and 5. learning to work a pottery wheel. I love textures and working with my hands.

I also look forward to playing the violin and the piano again.

Goodbye analytical career and hello artistic career. In other words, a former career left brainer attempts to be a right brainer.

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I want to live well, and not just sustain the status quo.!

I will track my carbs and walk at least three times a week, even if it is just around the block.

Life is to be enjoyed!

My Program:
I am counting carbs and calories, and eating gluten free foods with plenty of fresh veggies. I joined on April Fool's Day 2011, and been baby stepping it ever since. I will increase my physical activity and learn how to be spontaneous again---to live life to the fullest.

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Personal Information:
I want to be creative again.
How does a career left brain lifer become a right brainer again?

I will walk in nature first, and look at the trees--such inspiration!

Other Information:
I am known for my perseverance a.k.a. the ability to hang in there when the going gets tough. I AM making the lifestyle changes necessary to be healthier!
"Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties."

Helen Keller

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Hi, how are you? I am adjusting to being with my Dad and brother. Things are getting back to more normal pre fall for my Dad. Hope you are doing well. Thanks for your support. Hugs

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♥~*-:¦:-*♥~.•*´¨ )♥~*-:¦:-*♥~.•*´¨ )♥~*-: -*♥
Diving into our creativity is rich medicine – so often disguised (as it was for me) as discontent or restlessness. It is a tool to thrive in life’s uncertainty. Mags MacKean
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It's Friday, and time to get our smiles on! Have a good one!
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Hope to see you at Friday Happy Hour!

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