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Me in 2010 at my highest weight - an estimated 235+ pounds. My restart in 2015 is roughly the same.

Me - December 2011 (157.6 Pounds) - I regained all of the weight I lost in 2013-2014.

I have 2 pics in my gallery


Take 374, Sustaintable Weight Loss! (click!)

I almost deleted the history below for a "fresh start," then decided it's probably good perspective to keep. As of 4/9/15, I weigh 236.2 (naked on home scale) with 42.6% body fat (per my tanita hand held device).

My weight goal is 145-150 pounds, with 22-24% body fat.

My commitment to reach my goal requires consistency. I will do the following things without fail or excuse:
** Track My Food (Nutrition Tracker)
** Track My Activity (FitBit/Fitness ...
I almost deleted the history below for a "fresh start," then decided it's probably good perspective to keep. As of 4/9/15, I weigh 236.2 (naked on home scale) with 42.6% body fat (per my tanita hand held device).

My weight goal is 145-150 pounds, with 22-24% body fat.

My commitment to reach my goal requires consistency. I will do the following things without fail or excuse:
** Track My Food (Nutrition Tracker)
** Track My Activity (FitBit/Fitness Tracker)
** Track My Weight/BF% (Tanita Scale)

I will strive to nourish my body with healthy foods, move more, sleep more, and avoid excess stress and toxins (includes gluten and some types of dairy for me).


Getting my ducks in a row, getting back online, and getting my butt in gear. It's about that time! Cleaning house on my spark page and narrowing my friends list down to just a few, so I can focus on being supportive and hopefully receiving some support in return. I'm sitting at 198 as of 9/1/13, and it's time to get down to 145 this time (and for good!!)! Woop woop!


Thanks so much for everyone who keeps checking on me... I'm working through some things on my end and focusing on a new job, so I'm going offline for a bit. I will reach out to my SparkBuddies when I return. Keep at it, everyone!!



Starting Weight - 235
Lowest Weight on Spark - 155 (March 2012)

12/28/12 - 205 (Restart After 50# Regain 4/12-12/12)

Goal Weight - 135-145

*************************2013 Plan!****************************

Nutrition - Track calories/carbs & strive to use them wisely.
- Calories : 1200-1550
- Carbs : 50-75
- Freggies : 5+ on Average

Fitness - Take every opportunity to be active and keep it interesting!
- 15 Minutes+ Every Day
- Incorporate Cardio/Strength/Flex/HIIT

Accountability - Check in every day - with myself and my Spark Friends.
- Track Food and Fitness EVERY DAY & Share Trackers.
- Blog at least once a week.
- Stay active on Spark Teams.

Adjust or adapt as necessary, but don't give up!


Every 30 Days of Solid Effort - 60 Minute Massage
Milestones (Starting Weight - 185):
- 175 Pounds - Professional Pedicure
- 165 Pounds - Girls' Spa Day Out
- 155 Pounds - Weekend Trip w/Hubby
- 145 Pounds - LASIK Eye Surgery
- 6 Months Maintenance - Tummy Tuck

*************************2013 Plan!****************************
*December '12* - OK, so I backslid a LOT. To the tune of 30 pounds. I peaked at 192 briefly but that included a lot of bloat from the gluten I had allowed back (I'm gluten intolerant), so I settled back to 185 just by pulling that back out of my diet. So, 185 is my new starting weight. Rather than focusing on how much I have to "lose back," I'm trying to treat this like it's my first time losing these pounds. :) It really needs to be the last, that's for sure!

*June 2012* - OK, so I backslid a little bit... I started June at 167.2 pounds. I'm still aiming for 145 pounds with 22% body fat, and I'm rededicated to making that happen. I've decided there are no shortcuts, so I will declare maintenance whenever it is appropriate and not based on an arbitrary date where I choose to let myself give up. Let's do this!!

*April 2012 - I'm still plugging away (inconsistently) and have maintained just under 159 since October. I'm going to focus on consistent healthy habits until July 4, 2012, at which point I will declare MAINTENANCE (regardless of what the scale says!)!!! Talk about your Independence Day!

*February 2012 - I had a body composition test run and should be between 145 - 150 pounds with 115 - 120 pounds of lean mass, so that is my revised goal. I'm excited for this new phase, and that I have (at most) 11.8 pounds left to lose!!

*December 2011 - I'm back from the cruise! Now it's time to bundle up for the cold Nebraska winter and "strip down" the last of my weight so I'll be "hot" for the summer! (I know, Boooo for the puns.) I'm planning to lose somewhere between 15 and 25 pounds more - my ticker is currently set with a goal of 145 but I'm planning to try for 135 once I get there. We shall see!

*November '11* Somehow I woke up recently remarkably close to a "healthy" BMI. I don't say that lightly - it's really a testament to the fact that if you just keep doing what you should day in and day out, the weight will eventually come off. It starts to feel like normal life, which is amazing. I'm currently at 164, and only need to get to 159 to be top end healthy (I'm 5'7"). Ideally I'd like to get somewhere between 135 and 145, but at least in the 150's I'll be statistically healthy! My body image has definitely not caught up with what others see, but I'm hoping that will come with time. Clothes-wise, I'm wearing size 10 pants for work, and still sloshing around in my very loose 14's for casual because I'm too cheap to buy new until I'm solidly in the 150's. LOL. I did buy 3 pairs of size 8 capris on sale in the hopes that I will fit nicely into them for the cruise in November, so depending on how things go I may not need to buy any other "interim" clothes for casual.. just gotta keep at it!

*June '11* I think I'm finally ready to tempt fate and say that I have officially beaten 200 pounds and left it in my progressively leaner dust! I'm declaring victory! As of this update (6/5) I'm at 183.6 clothed at work (179.8 unclothed at home) and wearing size 14 pants very comfortably. I can squeeze into 12's but I like to be comfy! The new pictures are in the first relatively form-fitting top I've worn in a very long time. Yay me!

*March '11* It took some time, but I'm finally below 200! That's 35 pounds down, 55-65 to go! In 15 more pounds I'll be halfway there. I took a 6 month hiatus from losing on Spark and just maintained on my own, but now I'm ready to go again!! We just booked a cruise for November, so now I have extra motivation to stay on track and hit goal! I'll consider myself very successful to hit 150 by the time we leave - anything closer to 135 is just bonus!

*March 2010* This is when I started my Spark Journey at 235 pounds. I lost about 35 pounds that first try. I'm a "slow loser"... even over 200 I only lost at about 1.2 per week on average. Unfortunately I didn't save my page updates from before I revamped it in March 2011.
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Ultimately, I think I would like to weigh 145 pounds. Anything at 159 or below is a "healthy" weight for me.

I would also like to run a 10k at some point!

My Program:
Anything that works, at this point! Avoiding gluten whenever possible due to intolerance, and trying to keep my protein high.

Working on becoming a runner! Exercising most days and incorporating cardio, strength, and flexibility training.


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4/5/2015 11:59:55 AM

Happy Easter ...too hard not to get excited about such a great day. emoticon

Wishing you only the greatest of everything. Hope this spring is the time to reach those goals, get closer or to start again. emoticon

Watch out because I am back and ready to run, walk, cycle and do whatever it takes to meet my goals. What about you?

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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3/7/2015 1:17:03 PM

Hi Allison.

Thank you for those kind words on my blog regarding the loss of Jazzi.

It was also good hearing from you and I hope all is well with you and your family. As of 3/1/15, I started eating better and getting back on track regading exercise... although it's only been 6 days, I feel so much better, both physically and mentally! Taking it one day at a time.

Well, enjoy your weekend. Take care, ~ Dee emoticon

Comment edited on: 3/7/2015 1:17:39 PM

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1/1/2015 11:20:03 AM

emoticon emoticon emoticon ~ HAPPY NEW YEAR ~ emoticon emoticon emoticon

~ Dee emoticon

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5/6/2014 7:25:11 PM

Hi Allison!!! So happy to "see" you! emoticon

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5/6/2014 5:54:50 PM

I'm hanging in there. Hoping to start the scale moving soon. LOL.

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