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Well, the nick says it all doesn't it?
Well, the nick says it all doesn't it?




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SHORT TERM: To eat healthy every day and increase activity level
LONG TERM: Get fat (__|__) small enough to enjoy camping, hiking, canoeing and flying (OMG, the seats are only 17"wide and I don't want to have to ask for a seat belt extender OR to have to pay for 2 seats!!! )

My Program:
I'm tracking every bite that goes into my mouth on SparkPeople.com. My sister is also doing this and we email our food journals and weights to each other to help us stay "accountable".

Personal Information:
I live in a very small town in Indiana. The nearest large city is Cincinnati, OH. I've been married for 31 years, have 2 children and 2 grandchild. We share our home with a dog, cat, ball python and various white mice.

Other Information:
Weebitlooney is my nick for Yahoo games. I'm in a spades league and play and run tourneys in Social Suicide Lounge 4 at Yahoo spades. Drop in and give me a shout!

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9/23/2010 6:50:15 PM

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Welcome to SP Class of July 1-7, 2007 ! emoticon

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9/2/2010 5:03:24 AM

Think about this as not a "diet" but a positive, ongoing and permanent lifestyle change - so many have a "diet" mentality and it often fails miserably - most often due to unrealistic expectations, perfectionism and a "all or nothing" attitude......

As far as activity goes, you don't have to be extreme - "baby steps" are great - just make sure you have medical clearance if you have significant physical issues to deal with.....

emoticon to SP and best wishes!

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8/30/2010 9:58:43 PM

emoticon to Spark People!
The goal of this website is to teach people to live a healthy lifestyle, not just a 'diet'. That means exercising regularly and eating healthy nutritious meals for the rest of your life in order to lose weight and then keep it off!
Spark's tools and program encourages you to learn healthy living one step at a time, working on good habits until they become second nature. It is not easy, and it will take time getting used to it, but will be rewarding in the end to stick with it.
Tracking calories is the key. Accurately weighing and measuring everything you eat is vital, as guessing can too easily go over. I was good with exercising, but had never tracked my food before and that made a huge difference and opened my eyes to just how easy it is to consume more calories than your body needs. You must also make sure you set the Fitness Tracker to how much exercise you do in a week so it can give the Nutrition Tracker the right calorie range to stay in to lose weight. I actually really enjoy juggling my food choices to make sure I get the right nutrient ratios and stay in the calorie range, its really quite challenging LOL. But getting them right means your metabolism will be fueled properly, important to make your exercise pay off and burn those calories!
One exercise good for overweight people is aquafit, it helps take some of that weight off your joints so you can move more freely. Its one of my favorite forms of exercise. While the buoyancy of the water means less weight on your feet, it also means more resistance pushing through it so its a great workout!
Way to go making up a Spark page. Its how we interact. We comment, blog, send goodies and most important, add friends on our Spark Pages. The support on this website is overwhelming and is what keeps us sticking to the program even through the toughest times. I still remember the thrill of the very first blog I wrote and getting responses to it. I have met so many nice people on here.
I wish you all the best with your journey to a new you!


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8/30/2010 9:37:03 PM

Hello and welcome to SParks people and good luck with your journey .. remember this isnt a diet its a life change

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8/30/2010 9:32:56 PM

emoticon back to Spark People. Get involved with “ Sparking” as much as possible. Posting on the Message Boards or getting involved in the other Community features will help your reach your goals. They say the more you “Spark” the better you will do. Blogging is a great way to express yourself & let people know when you have success and even when you fail. It is good to have the support when you fail and receiving the WOOHOO’s when you succeed! Take advantage of all of the wonderful tools we have available to us on Spark People. Use the Nutrition Tracker. Many newbies are surprised to find out that they are actually eating too few calories. If you are not eating enough calories you will throw your body into Starvation Mode and slow down your weight loss.

Good luck on your new journey to a new and improved you. I am quite sure our paths will cross as I am always on Spark People.


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