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You can't keep doing the same thing day after day and expect to get a different result.

Hi, My name is Melissa. I'm mom to three little girls and wife to my husband of over 13 years.

How did I get here? Not really sure, I was very active as a pre-teen was in dance and gymnastics and on the swim team. Was a very fit little girl. When I turned 13, I hurt my knee trying to do a back walkover and pretty much didn't get off the couch after that. I started ballooning and didn't stop for a long, long time. My highest weight was right about 250. My knee did stop ...
Hi, My name is Melissa. I'm mom to three little girls and wife to my husband of over 13 years.

How did I get here? Not really sure, I was very active as a pre-teen was in dance and gymnastics and on the swim team. Was a very fit little girl. When I turned 13, I hurt my knee trying to do a back walkover and pretty much didn't get off the couch after that. I started ballooning and didn't stop for a long, long time. My highest weight was right about 250. My knee did stop hurting, but I never really started moving again. Being overweight in high school was hard. I didn't go to prom, something I will forever regret. I missed out on so much because I had no self esteem. I really regret throwing away my youth being miserable. The solution was so simple.

What was my breaking point? Well it wasn't just an all of a sudden thing, but a gradual peak. I remember driving home from a huge steakhouse dinner on Mother's Day, 5/10/09 and thinking, this is ridiculous. I can't keep doing this. My husband and I started talking about Christmas, and I said I didn't want to watch another Christmas home video and cringe watching my big butt float around. That night when we got home, I walked 2 miles. From that point on, I decided to get serious. I found sparkpeople by accident really, somebody mentioned it on The Biggest Loser message boards and I decided to check it out. My life has been changed ever since. I started logging my food immediately and was astounded. Simply awe-struck at what I was doing. Spark gave me a range, and I had no clue how badly I had been going over that range. The answer was right there. I started walking 2 miles a night and increased to about 3 gradually. We bought an elliptical and I added in elliptical cardio as well.

Around mid-July 2009 I started the C25K program and it has really changed my whole life. It's not easy for me, I won't lie, but I feel such a sense of accomplishment completing each of the weeks. I never thought I could run, and here I am, running 3 times a week! I've always had a very high respect for joggers/runners. It's something you really have to work at, they have an elite status in my humble opinion. I want to join their club ;)

I also suffer from PCOS which makes it more difficult to lose weight. I feel a determination that I've never felt before. It's actually working!

I'm done being the chubby friend, that makes everybody laugh. I'm done being the biggest woman in the room. I want to be hot friend for once in my life. I want to turn some heads. I want to feel good and look good. This is for me. I've spent many years making everybody else happy. Now is my time. I will make time for myself, I deserve it. My health deserves priority. I will not feel guilty by taking the time to commit to this. Welcome to the new Melissa. Strap on your seatbelts, it's going to be a wild ride!

In 2009/2010 I lost over 60 pounds bringing my lowest recorded weight to 178. Then I have no idea what happened but I just stopped. I could try to blame the MRSA infection on my abdomen that required three surgeries but that was only about six weeks worth of excuses. Apparently I gave up again. As of 2012, I am trying to get back on track. See full progress from the beginning below.

STARTED AT 244 ON 5/10/09
5/31 (GOAL 238) 231
6/7 (GOAL 229) 227 (-4.0)
6/14 (GOAL 225) 225.2 (-1.8)
6/21 (GOAL 223) 222.4 (-2.8)
6/28 (GOAL 220) 220.4 (-2.0)
7/5 (GOAL 218) 219 (-1.4)
7/12 (GOAL 217) 214.2 (-4.8) Woot!
7/19 (GOAL 212) 214.4 :/(+0.2) Figures :)
7/26 (GOAL 212) 209.8 (-4.6) Thank you C25K!
8/2 (GOAL 208) 208.6 (-1.2) **
8/9 (GOAL 206) 206.6 (-2)
8/14 (GOAL 204) 205.2 (-1.4)
8/21 (GOAL 203) 204.2 (-1) ????
8/28 (GOAL 202) 202 (-2.2)
9/4 (GOAL 200) 203 (+1) argggh wth?
9/11 (GOAL 201) 200.4 (-2.6) FINALLY
9/18 (GOAL 198) 198.2 (-2.2) woohoo
9/25 (GOAL 196) 195.8 (-2.4) Yes!
10/2 (GOAL 194) 194 (-1.8) ** 50 POUNDS LOST!
10/9 (GOAL 192) 192 (-2)
10/17 (GOAL 190) 190.6 (-1.4)
10/24 (GOAL 188) 189.6 (-1) **
10/31 (GOAL 187) 187 (-2.6) woohoo!
11/7 (GOAL 185) 183.8 (-3.2) ohhh heck yeah! (60 POUNDS LOST)
11/14 (GOAL 182) 182.6 (-1.2) **
11/21 (GOAL 180) 181.6 (-1)
11/28 (GOAL 180) 182.0 (+.4) aRGHH
12/5 (GOAL 180) 177.2 (-4.8) Wooohoo!
***Got a little sidetracked with the holidays, don't even ask :) ***
1/16/10 (GOAL 180) 180.6
1/23/10 (GOAL 178)

1/20/12 238
1/27/12 (GOAL 236) 234 (-4)
2/3/12 (GOAL 232) 232.4 (-1.6)
3/30/12 (GOAL 222) 222.2 (-10.2)
4/6/12 (GOAL 220.2) 216.8 (-5.4)
4/13/12 (GOAL 214.8) 213.4 (-3.4)
4/20/12 (GOAL 211.4) 210.4 (-3)
4/27/12 (GOAL 208.4) 209.2 (-1.2)
5/4/12 (GOAL 207.2) 206.4 (-2.8) Thanks!
5/11/12 (GOAL 204.4) 204.8 (-1.6)
5/18/12 (GOAL 202.8) 202.2 (-2.6) Yay! 35 Pounds Lost!
5/25/12 (GOAL 200.2) 200.0 (-2.2) Close to Onederland!
6/1/12 (GOAL 198.0) 198.6 (-1.4) **ONEDERLAND!
6/8/12 (GOAL 196.6) 196.8 (-1.8) 40 Pounds Lost!
6/15/12 (GOAL 194.8) 195.4 (-1.4) looking for a -2 soon!
6/22/12 (GOAL 193.4) 193.4 (-2.0) right on target!
6/29/12 (GOAL 191.4) 192.8 (-.6) a loss is a loss is a loss
7/6/12 (GOAL 190.8) 194.2 (+1.4) Not good!
7/13/12 (GOAL 192.2) 190.8 (-3.4) Much better :)
7/20/12 (GOAL 188.8) 193.2 (+2.4) Gahhhh Camping!
7/27/12 (GOAL 191.2) 191.4 (-1.8) Bring on the 180's soon!
8/3/12 (GOAL 189.4) 189.8 (-1.6) Yay 180's!
8/10/12 (GOAL 187.8) 188.2 (-1.6) Progress! 50# GONE!
8/17/12 (GOAL 186.2) 189.2 (+1)
8/24/12 (GOAL 187.2)
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My goal is look good in shorts!!!! That is my total motivation right now. When I'm doing cardio, I'd like to wear a pair of shorts and a tank top and not feel gross and disgusting and like everyone is staring at me. Now when I get down to my goal weight, if they want to stare then, that's fine :) I haven't worn a pair of shorts in public since, oh, 1994? It's time.

My Program:
I am a two-time graduate of the C25K program. M-W-F at 5am I do my "running." As of 4/9/12 I did run a complete 5k without stopping which was the first time doing that in years. Currently running close to 4 miles at a time on my running days. On Tu-Th mornings at 5am, I walk for 45-60 minutes. On Tu-Thu lunch breaks, I go to spin class. Sat and Sun I usually rest, sometimes just some walking.

Personal Information:
I am from southwest Iowa. Wife, mother, daughter. I work full time outside the home.

Other Information:
unless you faint, puke or die - keep walking!!
-Jillian Michaels

I may be butchering this, but I read somewhere here that someone wrote, "I can't lose 100 pounds, but I can lose 5 pounds 20 times."

If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got.

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Capricorn-Aquarius Cusp is anything but dull. They may be flamboyant and exciting. Health issues can be around the knees and ankles. Even those born in this sign that seem quiet and unassuming have a vivid dream and fantasy life… they just prefer their excitement in private. They may be prone to unusual experiences. They are usually very visual. They may experience vivid dreams that make their waking life dull in comparison. This dream world may become their inspiration for creativity in writing, art or other endeavors.
Capricorn-Aquarius needs to find an outlet for their creativity. They have a deep need to communicate what they experience. They need to learn how to let go of negative criticism and lack of understanding by others. When they find someone who understands their creativity, they will be most happy.
Capricorn-Aquarius are responsible and may be reserved in manner. They can be critical or bossy, but they want to keep everything to high standards and succeed. They may have talents that are both creative and scientific. They may be driven to change things for the better.
Capricorn-Aquarius enjoys healthy competition. They like to be social, and love a good intellectual discussion. They can set goals for themselves and keep their nose to the grindstone until they achieve what they want. This ambition gives them a great deal of drive. They can often get away with breaking the rules in order to bring something new to light. They are hard workers and very innovative.
Capricorn-Aquarius must enjoy learning to avoid being thrown out of balance by life's unexpected challenges. If they learn to recognize the benefit even in negative experiences, they will go far. They feel a need for security, but at the same time they relish freedom. They need to find the right balance.
The Cusp of Mystery and Imagination is known to be disciplined, patient, loyal, traditional, ambitious, offbeat, progressive, cautious, practical, friendly, realistic, curious, stable, funny, confident, unique, attractive, competitive and multi-talented. They may also be rebellious, narrow-minded, cold, harsh, depressed, stubborn, secretive, aloof and over-critical.
They are good at business of any kind. They are methodical, exacting and can manage well. Capricorn steadies Aquarius' volatility, while Aquarius lends Capricorn some originality and fun. While Capricorn likes to establish and take stock of things, Aquarius likes to throw them around and see where they fall. They may be great philanthropists, or they may be selfish. They enjoy talking and entertaining.
Individuals born on the Capricorn-Aquarius cusp are proud of their triumphs in social and intellectual circles. They are good at earning a living. They are not so talented at maintaining personal relationships and may suffer difficulties in this area. They can be very perceptive and intuitive if they let themselves develop this talent.

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