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I am allergic to mold but mostly the kind you find in Blue cheese so don't do too bad with mushrooms. I am also trying to cut out the "bread" and sugar and have found that dandelion tea helps with the craving of sugar. When I drink one glass of the tea in the morning I am much less likely to crave sugar throughout the day

11/23/11 2:03 A

I have been trying to follow the yeast free diet and have the books you mentioned plus other cookbooks on the subject. I am just finding it hard to make all my food. The sugar cravings are a nightmare. I usually give in and feel terrible that I am so weak. I say every night that I will do better tomorrow. emoticon

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7/7/11 2:39 P

I've been off and on a yeast free diet for 2 years now (its better for your body to stay on). My doctor recommended reading "The Yeast Connection" you can pick it up online for relatively cheap (its an old book). Also look for "The Yeast Connection Cookbook" After reading both it gives you ideas of both things you consume and also things that you use outside of food that can be causing an abundance of Yeast in your system.

I found that the diet was a good start but other factors can cause effects. Shampoos, hairsprays, dyes, soaps and other things used in beauty rituals can cause a chemical reaction to your body that only fuels the yeast allergy. I switched to sulfate free shampoos and soaps and found that skin allergies cleared up when following both the diet and the change in grooming products. This isn't easy, some items I chose to not change like dying my hair and nail polish. But having your hair professionally dyed does use safer amounts of chemicals than at home options. And as far as nail polish the less often you use these things the better.

The book itself talks about yeast being the cause of MANY skin irritations, athletes foot, nail fungus, rashes, acne, dry skin etc. With eating the right things those problems should clear up and then you use less chemicals to treat them and less products to cover the affected area.

I usually describe a yeast allergy like your system being a keg of fermenting beer. If you add things that will add to the yeast to make it grow your body is going to keep creating the adverse side effect. Sugar, vinegar,Alcohol, molds and yeast are all things needed to produce fermentation. The more of these 5 things you eat the more likely you are to have a bad reaction. So when diets warn against these things it is best to try and stay away from them.
The Yeast Connection has you go on a 6 week cleanse which removes ALL of the culprits and then after that period of time you can start eating more items. However the cleanses MAIN goal is to rid your system of the 5 things that produce high levels of yeast so once you go through the cleanse chances are you can have allergic reactions to any of those 5 things.

For example: I used to be able to drink alcohol, now when i try to drink it I have all the effects of a bad hangover within an hour of consuming the drink. Beer is especially nasty.

You may also find yourself having reactions to some fruits, because of the sugars, and things preserved in vinegar, or cheeses. The book says to introduce these things back to your system slowly.

The cookbook gives you easy recipes to follow and has recipes for all steps of the diet, even what to eat during the cleansing process. It's a challenge. I found that even if I didn't think I ate a lot of sugar, I had withdrawls when I cut it out of my diet. For natural sugars I drank a lot of carrot juice and if I NEEDED it a little piece of dark chocolate. Thanks to the carrot juice your skin and nails get a boost of brilliance!

Hopefully this helps. If anyone has any questions just ask. If you need those ISBN codes for the books too i can give them to you.

Good Luck!

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4/3/11 12:24 P

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Yeah, definitely read label time.

Flat breads and tortillas will work, but most breads you will have to avoid. Yeast helps bread rise, so ... that leaves you with, as I said, tortillas, flat breads (like lavash). You might be able to do pita bread, but you'll have to read the label.

Mold is mushrooms and cheese for sure. Other people avoid peanuts and cashews - not true nuts and are prone to mold.

I'm not sure about the vinegar aspect of the previous poster, but if you need to avoid vinegar, that's definitely prepared salad dressings, mustard, mayonaise. I don't know about ketchup as I rarely use ketchup anymore.

Your doctor should give you a list of foods to avoid.

It shouldn't be that hard to eat yeast and mold free - with tortillas and flat breads you can still have wraps and sandwiches.

Beans, rice, potatoes, corn, lentils gives you starchy carbs while avoiding bread.

There are many nuts and seeds to choose in place of peanuts and cashews. If you like peanut butter there's almond butter you can eat instead.

Not having mushrooms is pretty easy - cheese tends to be harder for people, but it is avoidable. For calcium focus more on milk, yogurt, almonds, apricots, broccoli, cherries - or enriched soy milk if you're going non-dairy.

For salad dressings, make your one with lemon or lime juice and a healthy oil. I use 2 Tbsp lemon/lime to 1 Tbsp oil for a large salad (meal salad, or 4 serving side salad). I use olive oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil, you can also use walnut oil, hazelnut oil, all kinds of oils.

For condiments, if you can find hummus without vinegar that's a good option (many brands use lemon juice), and I also use avocado.

Often yeast and mold free diets also require / suggest no fermented foods (olives, miso, tempeh, sauerkraut, pickles), and no to minimal refined sugar. Fruit / fruit sugar is fine, agave would be all right, milk sugar - it's the refined stuff that's the problem.

But talk to your doctor to find out what you should or should not eat. It actually is pretty easy to do. Most folks on clean eating, raw food, vegan teams tend to eat a lot of things that would fit - just change bread to a flat bread, and leave out mushrooms, skip the cheese.

2/23/11 7:44 P

I'm allergic to certain forms of these, too. It's not really about specific recipes...It's just about avoiding the ones with cheese, sourdough, wine, beer, mushrooms/truffles, vinegar, condiments containing a lot of vinegar, pickles, fermented foods, creme fraiche, and leavened breads. There's a team called People with Allergies you might like, and tons of info on the Internet.

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help ive just been put on a yeast & mold free diet need lots of info & recipes

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