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TCANNO SparkPoints: (344,960)
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Posts: 67,887
6/22/13 4:02 A

That is not something to worry about as the fact that you are writing it helps you.

It may seem like the same old story to you but then that is how you get help from comments from different people.

Carry on writing.

Good luck

ANARIE Posts: 13,185
6/21/13 11:25 A

The way blogs take off (and begin to make a little money) is by having an innovative idea, a clever presentation, and LOTS OF NEW STUFF. To do the first two, do a lot of reading of other blogs. Find out whether there are already very many blogs on your topic, and put a lot of thought into how yours will be different. Read up on how to "drive traffic."

And the most important thing? Post regularly. People want to know that if they go to your blog on a certain day, there will be something new. Make sure you set a schedule and stick to it. The successful blogs post every day, or every day except Saturday, or every Tuesday and Thursday, etc.

You might want to look at blogs that started as fun and became the bloggers' actual job. Two I know of are cakewrecks and cuteoverload.

If you make it unique and maintain it consistently, it's not likely to replace having a job, but it can bring in enough ad revenue to pay for your internet service or buy your college textbooks. If you have a well-written, moderately successful blog, that's also like having a portfolio for college applications and/or media-related jobs.

6/21/13 11:10 A

My husband and I are trying to improve our health and weights together. A blog like this would attract me. Let us all know where and when.

DIETER27 Posts: 8,863
6/21/13 11:07 A

Sounds like a good idea and I am sure others will read it go for it!

MATTHEW0498 SparkPoints: (32,853)
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Posts: 1,377
6/21/13 10:27 A

It sounds like a great idea, I think a lot of people would read it! Go for it!

FIRECOM SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (11,796)
Posts: 5,855
6/21/13 9:43 A

Please do it. SP folk do read them. I have done many and a few have had spectacular results and many have not. I don't write them for results. I write them from what is really important to me and I want to share.

JUDYAMK SparkPoints: (30,793)
Fitness Minutes: (9,741)
Posts: 2,241
6/21/13 8:36 A

Thinking about an idea will never take off. However DOING an idea that you have is a start to some other couple's motivation!!!! You know there are couples out there that are doing it alone with out their partner ,but so would long to have them join them. You can give the spark back in their relation, some couples barley communicate, but this could give them back a time where they once joined in each others company a chance to reunite a spark in the relationship
emoticon idea you have now make it a reality for others!!!!!

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
6/20/13 7:38 P

I have done a little bit of blogging right here on Spark... and I knew that a few people did read them, as I would get a handful of comments each time I posted one...

and then today happened... and one of my blogs was distributed in the Community Highlights email.

Oh yeah. People read these blogs. I am overwhelmed with the response... almost 200 comments and who knows how many more people read it without commenting.

If you blog here and also participate in Teams or on the Forums, you'll get read.

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (566,079)
Fitness Minutes: (346,007)
Posts: 15,960
6/20/13 7:14 P

I'm pretty sure people would read your blog. It sounds like a brilliant idea!!!! Try it!

CATKONOSKY SparkPoints: (3)
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Posts: 1
6/20/13 6:55 P

Hi, I'm new here and like many of you I'm trying to lose weight. and I've been trying for a year or two I'm 18 years old. I have been reading a ton of fitness blogs for like motivation and fitspo etc. I also am a blogger. I had this brilliant idea of making a couples fitness blog (my boyfriend is trying to get fit as well, he so supportive yay!) but I'm not really sure if anyone would read it! Obviously the idea would be to get alot of people to read it every once in a while... I thought that in itself would give me something to do ( I'm unemployed and I'm on summer break from college) and just doing this would motivate me in itself. I'm very confused and I'd love a second opinion!

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