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12/3/13 9:29 P

A year of increased intentionality sounds like a great approach to 2014 - and beyond. Go for it!

PATHFINDER52 Posts: 752
11/30/13 9:45 A

As I review this last year, I notice that a lot of my activity has been on "auto-pilot" and I want that to change! I want 2014 to be more about intentional activity in my consumption choices, my grocery shopping decisions, and my efforts to be active!

My plan isn't complete yet but, here's my first attempt at resolutions for 2014:
• Eat toward the lower end of my SP calorie recommendations
• Add more fruits and vegetables -- 2 fruits; 3 vegetables daily, to start
• Use the fabulous pool available to me at least 2X per week (and be grateful for it!)
• Start with the seated exercise routines on SP as a daily practice
• Buy a decent pedometer and walk more at work!
• Start modestly but set aside at least a little time to meditate every day.

This plan won't rock the world, but hopefully it will set me on a healthy path of self-care!


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