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Stretching is one area where exercise science has changed significantly in recent years. While stretching before used to be a staple of exercise advice, in recent years research has come out strongly that you should NOT stretch cold muscles. Instead, warm up through light cardio, and keep stretching for AFTER your workout, when your muscles are already warm.

There are a series of resistance band workout videos available at

"Too much" exercise depends very much on the circumstances. If you ramp things up over time, the body can actually handle significant amounts of exercise. If you have been working out for 2 months, and feel comfortable with what you are doing, then perhaps add a little bit more. After a week or two of that, if you still feel comfortable, then perhaps add a little bit more.

As with all strength training, you should rest your muscles 48 hours between ST sessions, which implies 3 strength workouts a week. It is fine however to do cardio workouts in the meantime, up to 6 days a week.


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question i ve been working out for 2 months now actually with my knee problem been doing a ab workout with stretching before and after ok am i doing too much have not have routine for my resistant bands to incorporate and i want to do that to get a more full body workout somebody please help lol

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