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YOGINILMT Posts: 309
4/4/13 8:06 A

Probably shouldn't diet while breast feeding. After i had my baby we tried to get me back in the martial arts world. But training, teaching, and preforming was too much and i began to lose my milk. So I stopped, and for about a year ate sensible foods (what you eat, baby eats!) and for the 1st 6 months or so didn't get much exercise. I lost all my weight (plus some. Muscle wasting).
After 6 months my babe was getting some nutrition from solids, and started relying on my boobs less. By the time she was 1 she was breastfeeding only 2x a day and we soon weaned her completely. I was free! Free! FREEEEEE!

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4/3/13 1:08 A

Every woman is different. Do what feels right/good to you. When my sweetie was small I walked from time to time, but nothing serious. Most of my walking was done around the home and at the mall while window shopping while carrying him in a sling. I lost weight effortlessly by breast feeding alone and by doing my everyday activities. After baby was older I would get out daily and walk to get some fresh air, but nothing too serious.

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3/28/13 2:35 A

Every woman, every baby is different. With my first child, she ate SO MUCH that I literally could not keep up; I lost 30 lbs in 6 weeks.

I was eating well over the recommended 500 calories extra per day just to stay nourished enough. ;)

Now, my second child, I was not so "lucky" - she still had a healthy appetite, but I didn't burn so much, so I d idn't lose anything.

Neither child was malnourished or supplemented, and nursed until nearly a year and a half.

It just depends!

3/27/13 5:49 P

I also lost all my baby weight before stopping BF-ing. Once BF was well established I was able to work-out as much as I wanted and reduce calories to lose weight without any effect on milk production (of course, everyone is different). I did not count BF-ing as exercise and think that that is a mistake. It often leads to overeating (the same as that whole pregnancy "I'm eating for 2" thing. It's more like we're eating for 1.1!).

My advice would be to do what feels right for your body but not to tell yourself you can't exercise or that you HAVE to eat a lot in order to nurse. Neither are true for the majority of people. Actually I have never met a nursing mother who said exercise affected milk production. I do know one woman (a naturally SUPER THIN size 0) who needed to up her calorie intake... but I suspect that if you are on Spark that is probably not your situation (nor is it mine!).

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3/15/13 2:34 P

I only need about 100-200 extra calories for breastfeeding. I believe that bf alone helped me get off my baby weight withing a few weeks (now the pouch is a different story...)
In the beginning 3-4 weeks I just ate on demand and when time outside of bf allowed. Needs change as baby grows.

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3/13/13 9:49 P

Sorry forgot the link:

ALGAND33 SparkPoints: (4,004)
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3/13/13 9:47 P

Generally, you only need about 400 extra calories when it comes to BF and that is just on a regular day. I have been breast feeding for a long time and am on child #3 and believe me when I tell you it has been different for every one of them. My second child I had to remember to take my sports bra off right away, drink, and eat or my production would go down a lot. If I had to pump for more than one day production would suffer. Everyone is different. Really make sure you are drinking enough water (super important), getting enough sleep, and eating correctly. You may not be eating enough?

You can lose weight while breastfeeding, be patient! You can do it. I found this link and thought I would share it with you. Good luck!

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3/12/13 6:20 P

I did not count BF as exercise, and I lost all my baby weight before I stopped BF.

LINDAT1970 Posts: 566
3/12/13 5:59 P

I am a nursing mom and I know that counts towards calories burned etc (unknown of how many tho) Is anyone else BF? I bet I won't see any results until I stop .

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