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1/17/13 2:01 P

Thank you all! This is very encouraging for me to read your different posts and think about what I may need to tweak! :)

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1/17/13 12:32 P

Hey DAWNMARIELET, I'm no expert, but here's my opinion. I don't think yoga is active enough. I mean I know people CAN lose weight doing yoga but maybe your body wants something else. Try cardio, weight lifting/resistance training, walking, some kind of group class. Your body gets use to doing the same routine over and over again and eventually stops losing weight. Do something new for a few weeks and then se how you've done. Good luck!!!

1/17/13 11:55 A

This article helped me.

It's true, I need to focus on those non-scale wins.

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1/17/13 11:36 A

Don't give up just yet! Focus on those non-scale wins. Are your clothes a little looser? Are you sleeping better? Are you seeing some muscles appear that weren't there before? Can you hold different yoga poses better?

If you haven't lost in say a month of eating and exercising properly, you might want to examine what you're doing in more detail - maybe drop the grain servings, increase the veggie servings, or add in 2 strength training sessions per week.

Also, make sure you're eating enough. Sometimes at the lower end of our calorie range, the body will refuse to give up fat because it thinks it is in starvation mode. I know that's true for me - I have autoimmune hypothyroidism, and my thyroid constantly fights with me and just slows down my metabolism when I eat less.

1/17/13 11:20 A

I'm reading this thread so I can deal with this myself. I am eating the same amount of calories as I have been, but exercising more, and the scale is either not moving or, like this morning, moving up. Very discouraging. I gained 2 1/2 pounds this morning. I know it can't be 2 1/2 pounds of fat, so I'm trying to be patient, but it's a little discouraging to gain weight or not lose it when you're doing everything you're supposed to be doing.

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1/17/13 10:32 A

Patience! I would suggest not weighing yourself until a month from now. Your body is adjusting, and it can be very discouraging and frustrating when the scale doesn't budge. So don't give up, hang in there, keep doing what you're doing. If you haven't done so already, measure your waist, hips, thighs, calves, arms, etc., and do so each month. This is often a better indicator of weight loss!

1/17/13 10:07 A

I've been in the same boat. It's frustrating to not see changes right away. I keep reminding myself that if I give up, a year from now I will be sad. But if I keep going, a year from now will be pretty awesome!

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1/17/13 8:33 A

I agree with Zorbs. Give it more time. Your body is adjusting to the new workout program, and sometimes that can cause muscles to hold on to water for awhile as well. Once your body adjusts and you've been at it for 4-6 weeks, you'll start to see results. Give it time, be patient. I know it's hard, but it's so worth it.

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1/17/13 8:31 A

be more patient. The majority of people don't start to see results on the scale until at least 6-8 weeks. Also, look for other signs of progress other than the scale.

1/17/13 8:17 A

So, I've been doing yoga for about 30 min 5 days a week, and in general trying to learn how to have a more active lifestyle, walking, chores, etc. And I've been eating within the realm of the calorie limits, but I am not seeing any weight loss! It is very frustrating! on the plus side, I have more energy, less stress, stronger, and am feeling like I'm taking control in these areas in my life. But, still, not even 1/2 a pound after 2 weeks? Any advice? Anyone?

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