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SNARROW Posts: 28
1/2/13 1:43 P

I work do switch shifts every 4 months. 12 hour shifts, etc. I ate terrible when on nights, but do better on days. I am beginning to think the laziness at night is all in my mind. Maybe stage 2 or 3 will get me ready for nights again in 4 months.

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1/2/13 9:28 A

I work 1745 to 0600 or later. What's lunch mean?? What's break mean? It's go go go. There are bags of chips and the like hidden in a corner to snack on. We are not allowed to eat on the floor, but not to much is said really. I bring nuts, carrot sticks and so forth that rarely get eaten. I work 4 nights on 3 nights off - 3 nights on 4 nights off. I am thankful we don't rotate. I know people that do and it's murder I hear. By the time I get home I am starved and pig out, head to bed around 1100 after unwinding get up 1630 to get ready and start again. Basically, I was eating once a day with a snack here and there. I know this is not good. On my first day off I will sleep 24+ hours straight. I am exhausted all the time and I have only been doing this for three months. It's not a wonder and I know I have to change and quickly. I haven't found the answer yet, but I am looking. I didn't record anything for yesterday because I got home at 0930 Jan 1. I pigged out went to sleep and just woke up about 1/2 hour ago. I am going to force myself to go snowshoeing today and eat three healthy meals and a couple snacks and drink water. lol Happy New Year!

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1/2/13 7:49 A

Ugh! I am right there with you. Only, I work 3am to 3pm. Get up at 1:45am to get to work by 3am. Get home usually after working over so sometimes not till 7p. So busy at times, that we don't get lunch, let alone a break. It's usually grab and gobble. emoticon Let me know if you find the answer.

SPKRAUSE Posts: 543
12/31/12 10:16 P

My SO works nights (11pm-7am) and adapting was hard. She hit a plateau and even experienced a little gain. I'm not on the same schedule, so it's hard to synchronize meals and such.

The linked article (earlier post) is good stuff. A couple things that have helped around here: (a) going to bed after coming home for work; (b) getting 6-8 hours of sleep; (c) keeping it *dark* for that sleep time; and (d) what's hard in the winter -- still getting some daylight afterward!

The coworker is right in a sense and it's never ideal. But you have to develop a routine and stick to it.

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12/31/12 4:08 P

been there not any fun

TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
12/31/12 2:34 P

You may be able to find helpful information in this article.

How to Work the Third Shift and Stay Healthy
Tips on Sleep, Nutrition and At-Work Activities

Coach Tanya

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12/31/12 11:10 A

Hi. I have a very unhealthy life style. I just started to work nights 3 months ago. I am so happy to have a job. The problem is I am having such a difficult time trying to plan healthy meals and when to eat what. I am so a morning person. I find it difficult to exercise. I am so tired all the time. I asked a co-worker when will I get use to working nights? She told me never. Get use to feeling exhausted for the rest of your working life. I need to get up-lifted and positive feedback. There has to be night workers who have figured out how to work things around their work schedule. When is it best to exercise? When is breakfast, lunch and dinner suppose to be? Everyone at work seems to snack all the time. One very thin lady always makes sure to have tons of snacks to offer me. At 3am it's hard to resist sweets. Chocolate just seems to hit the spot. My celery and carrot sticks don't. Any help is appreciated.

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