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The formula for fat loss in ranked order is nutrition (diet) 80%, strength training and then cardio with the last two making up the other 20%. Adding strength training will increase your fat loss and also improve your ability to run. In addition add some form of interval running into your programme instead of doing all long slow distance steady state workouts.

It is called WORK-ing out for a reason.

I said getting fit was simple, I did not say it was easy.

Cardio burns calories, strength work burns fat.

Eat well to lose weight, exercise to get fit

You can not build a six pack using twelve packs

Often when we seek a magic bullet for fitness we end up shooting ourselves in the foot.

"I think calories are little germs in food that all moms are afraid of" Dennis the Menace

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2/28/12 11:36 A

Truth be told, running is not the absolute best way to lose weight. The caloric burn is actually pretty low, as far as cardio goes. Don't get be wrong... it's absolutely FANTASTIC exercise, builds strength and lunch capacity, but running a steady MPH all the time is not going to give you super awesome results.

Real weight loss is 80% diet, 20% exercise. You can't out-exercise a bad diet. Great abs are made in the gym, but revealed in the kitchen. All these nuggets have one thing in common:

Watching what you eat isn't enough. You need to KNOW what you eat! I used to think I ate pretty healthy. I mean, I'd eat a salad when I went out to eat, right? Fries are bad for you, so I'd eat the chicken sandwich (two of them) instead.

But I learned, fast, that all my little extras were adding up. Those chicken sandwiches? 400+ calories. Those fries weren't as awful as I thought. That 6 pack of cokes? 900! And that's before even eating my "healthy dinner." Which was usually slathered in triple portions of cheese.

If what you're doing isn't working, it's time to shake things up! Try running intervals, instead of steady speeds. If you're on a treadmill, crank up that incline. Add some different cardio. Challenge your muscles, and yourself. Your body is probably a very efficient runner, and you may not be challenging it enough to really scorch the calories!

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2/28/12 8:17 A

I am a shift worker too.. I know how hard it is to fit in the gym when you do 12 hour shifts. If I can't get to the gym I watch what I eat really close... I eat a small meal every 2-3 hours ( The Eat Clean Diet) and I drink 2-3 litres of water a day.
Good luck! emoticon

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When you say you've been watching your diet, but not as close as you could be, what does that mean? When it comes to weight loss, the majority of your progress is going to come from what you're eating, not exercise. Are you tracking all of your food and staying in your SP recommended calorie and nutrient ranges? Do you measure yourself? Is it possible you've lost inches even if the scale isn't moving?

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2/28/12 1:37 A

I'm a nurse and work 3, 12 hour shifts a week, not always back to back. I'm about 200 pounds at 5'9" and i've been training for a half marathon since December. I've been watching my diet (although not as close as i could be ) and i've barely lost 2 pounds. I feel totally helpless. I know losing weight would help me to be a better runner but I just can't seem to lose any weight. I'm eating healthy and running 4-5 days a week, and i'm just suck. If anyone has any suggestions let me know! thanks!

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