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7/12/13 9:43 A

It won't be easy. You really have to work at it, but it will be worth it.

Go to bed a little earlier, get up earlier. WOrkout while everyone sleeps. As your husband to mind the kids if they wake up.

Definitely see if there are some easy recipes for you to use (slow cookers, freeze ahead, etc) so that you can really have more energy. You will find you have more if you move more.

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7/12/13 5:13 A

Yep; it can be really hard to get started...but you CAN do it.

There is an old saying that I totally prescribe to - "where there is a will, there is a way".

When we truly decide to get serious about our goals, and focus on the outcome we want; no matter how impossible it may seem - we WILL achieve it...

Wishing you all the best...

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7/12/13 3:59 A

Sometimes working, looking after the family can be little overwhelming. I know this from my own experience. Add to this studying and exercising... I am just so glad that i passed my last exam.

Its all about planning and discipline. When i cook - i try to do it more and freeze some for next time. I always do it over weekend. Shopping can be done on-line too. Lunch can be made at home. This way you know what exactly do you eat. Regarding exercise - i just get up earlier.
Good luck!

7/10/13 3:31 P

I am having so much trouble getting started. I need to lose weight. I know I do. I am unhappy with my appearance and I want to be healthy for my kids.

My husband and I work full time and we are both exhausted after work. I barely have time to prepare dinner and play with the kids and then its their bed time. I feel like they go to bed and I just want to do nothing. I can't keep up on cleaning the house and laundry and not sure how I can fit in exercise and planning meals.

I was never a skinny mini. I lost a lot of weight for our wedding (9 years ago) and have been gaining and losing some ever since. After my son I never really lost a lot of the weight I gained and then was pregnant when my son was 18 months old. Again, I haven't lost that much since having her almost 2 years ago. I didn't gain that much with her - so I have pretty much stayed the same.

Help me!

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