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I don't think there's anything you can do to a cucumber that's gone bad and tastes horrible, except to compost it. I wouldn't even try pickling it-- why waste the time and effort on produce that doesn't taste good to begin with. I grow cucumbers in my garden, and if I get one that isn't right-- tastes bad etc-- I put it in the compost, and at least I got a little bit of "good" out of it. I will say though that sometimes the seed part of the cucumber will taste a bit sour but the "flesh" part is still okay, so I will scoop out all the seed part and eat the rest.

Some stuff like celery-- if it's tough and super stringy, you can chop it finer and use it in a soup where it's simmered long enough to soften it up. Same thing with okra that's a bit tough.

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Is there a way to use produce (besides composting) that has gotten woody? This happens with my cuumbers a lot. the taste is horriable. i was told that it was a sign that it was rotten. my mom always called it woody when i was little.

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