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6/21/12 11:06 P


I agree with the other posters - it is a common response for your muscles to retain water when starting/increasing an exercise program.

And it is only human to want validation of our hard work (aka 'instant gratification'). You are no different from most of us in this.

But in terms of measuring your progress, the tape is often a much better way to go than the scale. Fat is considerably bulkier than muscle and water, and fat loss typically shows up as lost inches, even if the scale is being unco-operative due to muscle water retention.


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6/21/12 6:23 P

2lb in a normal fluctuation. You could have weighed in on the upswing of a fluctuation, eaten too much salt the day before, not pooped properly for a day or 2; Anything could explain 2lb. Also, I have found that when starting a new exercise program I gain 2-3 pounds, but they go away fairly quickly, after a week or 2.

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6/21/12 3:03 P

It's not muscle, but you can't expect instant gratification when it comes to healthy living. :) I know, I know... it's hard to be patient, but there are no quick fixes, no magic pills, no miracle diets. The hard way is the best way!

For the explanation of WHY you gained weight, check this out:

Q: I just started exercising to lose weight, but I've gained weight. Why did this happen?


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6/21/12 12:29 P

It just really freaked me out bc i am working my booty off, an believe me that insanity is insane, and i gain, an being a short gal and already over weight i was so I'm not going to lie, i very much so want instant gratification or i just quit. so really sticking with it for over a week and gaining made me want to scream, but maybe its muscle. I'm not really knowledgeable on all of that. so thanks for all the information!:0)..I guess ill give it another go, and ill do it longer and just see how it goes. You guys are awesome!

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6/21/12 12:14 P

We are doing a workout similiar to The Insanity Workout, and the first 2 weeks we saw a it of a gain, then on the 3rd week we lost, 7 and 8 pounds, so I think it is the muscles growing and holding fluids. KEEP ON WORKING OUT!!!! :-)

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6/21/12 12:04 P

It seems to be pretty common to put on a couple pounds with vigorous exercise. The explanation I have often heard is that it has to do with fluids being retained in the muscles you use as part of the body's process. (I know that is vague). But it isn't fat, if that is what is happening for you, and it sounds like it is since you dropped it with a rest week. I have the same thing with strength training, I weight a couple pounds more when I am doing it and sometimes if I am sick or go on vacation and take several days to a week off two pounds just drops. For me the extra weight doesn't make me bigger or make my clothes fit tighter (that I notice) and I still lose weight and inches if I persist so I don't worry about it. The benefits of exercise outweigh that small gain. I think a lot of people quit before they see results because they are frightened by the small weight gain. It shouldn't be a small weight gain every week or anything like that (if it is that is more likely food related) and if you keep at it the number on the scale should go down after your fat loss catches up.

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6/21/12 12:03 P

2 pounds is small enough that it could just have been water weight...or maybe you were starting to build muscle, which weighs more than fat. That's perfectly normal! emoticon

IDMENOW77 Posts: 29
6/21/12 11:54 A

Ok..soo I tried the insainty workout for a lil over a week, and ate right, worked out hard and everything, and instead of losing weight I gained 2lbs..why is this? It made me want to I did not do anything this week, an I lost the 2lbs I gained..So now Im wondering if I should even start doing it again or just quit.

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