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10/20/12 10:40 P

I do take creatine. I like the way it has helped me. I am getting stronger.

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10/20/12 8:14 P

My biceps are finally growing. I can lift heavier and I get a HUGE pump! Haven't noticed anymore endurance when I don't take it but the endurance I do get might be due to the preworkout (it has creatine and caffeine). But if you do use creatine, I strongly suggest a post that contains, glutamine (the amino acid that is good for repair) and whey isolate because the isolate has fast absorption to repair quickly. You get really sore when you take creatine because you work so much more. Creatine isn't really needed though unless you have to get bigger, I am getting ready for a figure competition so if I want to win, I need to grow, not just lose fat. And a pre and a post are both generally expensive if you get good ones. If your serious, I would suggest twinlab, or something from complete nutrition. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have anymore questions.

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HOT4FITNESS Posts: 2,695
10/20/12 2:09 P

Any women out there use creatine to help build endurance and muscle. Did you have good results?

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