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wild rice

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5/1/13 5:59 P

I buy mine from Whole Foods' bin section.

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Posts: 9
5/1/13 12:04 P

by program I meant the sparkspeople meal planner, no live person. sorry for the confussion

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Fitness Minutes: (1,748)
Posts: 9
5/1/13 12:03 P

I am sorry I put program, it seems to have thrown lots of people off. i meant the sparkspeople meal planner. For whatever reason in my 1st week it gave me wild rice several times ; I guess I'll substitute for black rice even though I suppose wild rice must be better so that it is why they gave it.

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4/30/13 11:08 P

Once in a great while we have rice

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4/30/13 8:48 P

Does the program you are on provide a real, live, dietitian to help you out? Or is it some book out now? Get a diabetic paperback, it will show you how to figure out your starch servings, no need on this earth to buy wild rice, for pete's sakes! That's as bad as telling you to only buy organic, it ain't necessary to lose weight.

Posts: 12,406
4/30/13 7:36 P

The menu plans are really just templates to give you ideas. There should be an option to substitute another food. If you can't find it, just choose a similar food that you like (brown rice, quinoa, barley, or whatever grain you're used to eating or want to try), don't check the box next to the wild rice, and type in whatever you substituted. The computer doesn't know where you live, what time of year it is, or what's on sale, so sometimes it gives you really impractical suggestions like raspberries in January, and you just have to tell it to shut up and have an orange instead.

Posts: 1,809
4/30/13 3:36 P

Winco has wild rice in the bins, I think it is just under 4 bucks it was like $3.83 per pound. This is is my area, your area most likely is different, but if you have a Winco you may want to look into it.

Posts: 2,299
4/30/13 3:28 P

What program is telling you to eat "a lot" of wild rice??

Wild rice is extremely expensive. When I eat it (which is rare), I usually make a blend with regular rices plus a handful of wild rice thrown in for flavour and texture.

SparkPoints: (1,943)
Fitness Minutes: (1,748)
Posts: 9
4/30/13 3:19 P

Hi just started the program. see that it asks me to eat a lot of wild rice. went to super and there was only a tiny package, perhaps 1 serving and it cost a lot! like 5 times the price of any rice. so where do you guys buy the wild rice? do you exchange for brown and save the money?

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