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5/30/10 8:39 P

I really am glad I found the Message Board. I'm finding answers to my questions about discrepancies and recipes with enough salt to send my blood pressure through the roof. Thank you folks for opening my eyes and giving me added insight.

JTANDLM98 Posts: 345
5/25/10 5:44 P

Thank you for the responses. Indianoaks, I used to calculate everything for my recipes by hand too. Using the SP recipe calculator just seemed easier, but I agree that different brands can have huge differences. Good idea.

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5/25/10 7:27 A

I tend to find that the BEST way for a TRULY accurate nutritional count is for ME to calculate it myself... For every recipe I make, I read the labels of the exact ingredients I use, then make a "chart" and list ALL the ingredients with all their nutrional info. Then I determine how many servings I have (like with alot of the muffin recipes I make smaller muffins -- so end up with 18 instead of 12 etc) -- so then I divide my totals by the number if servings I have ended up with. Then I go onto the nutrition tracker and enter my OWN specific info. I find it AMAZING how different things can be -- even the same food item from brand label to brand label!! For instance, I have to watch my sodium -- and after much searching, I actually found a store brand of fat free cottage cheese that has 300 LESS mg of sodium per serving than the name brand I had been using!!!! THAT is a significant amount!!!!! I was dumbfounded that there was THAT much difference! So now, I'm able to have cottage cheese more frequently!

It's very time consuming to have to go through each and every ingredient like that, but I've found it well worth my time PLUS then I feel like my "numbers" are VERY accurate and true... I, too, have found numerous errors in calculations -- wasn't sure if that was brand differences, calculation errors, entry errors or what... But it's EXTREMELY important for me with my sodium needs so I take the time to "run numbers" myself...

I also noticed a "recipe calculator" on the recipe site too but haven't actually used it... I just jot things down while I'm baking/cooking then work those number while things are "in process"...

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5/24/10 9:03 P

I have seen occasional discrepancies as well, but none that significant. Thanks for clearing that up.

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,176
5/13/10 1:52 P

Most of the items in the database are pulled from the USDA database. The rest of the items are entered by us by using the information from the manufacturer's nutrition info that they list. However, sometimes manufacturer's will change the way they make their products and that can cause some variance. We do our best to update those and ask that if people find an item is incorrect in the database, that they use the link to report it. To do that, when searching for an item, there is a link to click on to view the nutrition info and in that new window with the nutrition info, there is a link to report it.

I hope that helps!

Coach Denise

JTANDLM98 Posts: 345
5/13/10 1:47 P

Thank you for the response. Yes, I used the same brands as in the database and calculated the number of servings. I am worried now about the reliability of the calories in the database.

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,176
5/13/10 10:45 A

Did you calculate the number of servings in the dish? Have you checked your ingredients that you entered to make sure you entered the correct amount for each? Are the individual ingredients listed with the same calorie counts as what is in the database? Sometimes there is a variance there.

Those are just a few things where something may have happened that I can think of off the top of my head.

Coach Denise

JTANDLM98 Posts: 345
5/12/10 6:04 P

I made a casserole and calculated all the ingredients from the packages and came up with 262 calories, while the SP recipe calculator came up with 594 calories. Does anyone know why there would be such a huge difference?

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