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12/30/13 10:34 P

I said the same thing the other day.

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12/30/13 5:33 P

Because all these fast food places want to keep prices down so you will eat all junk.

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12/30/13 5:30 P

I would suggest try to find smaller stores. There is one that is a little out of the way but I can get good quality of fruits and vegetables cheap. I mean I got 10 different types of fruits and veggies for less than $20. Everything else in the store is quite pricey so I shop around. The big grocery stores usually charge more for the food because alt of it goes to waste. Just ask around.

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,319
12/30/13 4:52 P

emoticon with NIRERIN
it's about Choices and buying what is on special or in season...and cutting costs by buying frozen veggies, store brands, and less expensive cuts of meat or poultry. A bean is a bean is a bean. If you try the store brand you may find no difference in taste (most of the time) so why pay extra. I finally tried the store brand's Greek yogurt, old fashioned oatmeal, beans, canned tomatoes, and hard cheese...and found no difference...except that I save myself between 30% and 40% of the cost. I don't need coupons...I read the store circular online and shop off a list.

Here are eight of our favorite superfoods -- all of which cost less than a buck per serving. Now that's delicious!

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12/30/13 4:46 P

Buy ONLY on sale, then cut your portions down to make the food you had to pay for stretch for more meals. I eat off small plates, often with "baby" silverware.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,236
12/30/13 3:37 P

you have to remember that a fruit is a fruit is a fruit. so if your list calls for blackberries, but a pint is $7, then that's the time to buy the apples that are $1 per pound instead. and the same goes for proteins. you can buy the leanest beef possible, but if you need to buy the cheap stuff you can cook and rinse it to end up with almost the same fat as the expensive stuff. so if your list calls for shrimp and shrimp are $10 a pound, buy the chicken that's $2 a pound instead. you may have to alter some cooking times and preps, but healthy food is healthy food.
if you're using the spark menus [or most other menus], you do need to do some editing as well. the program doesn't plan for using up a package of something. my bread carb list for the week includes: one cup of cheerios, a cup of oats, 2 slices italian bread, 2 slices whole wheat bread, one dinner roll, 8 saltines, 3 eggo waffles, 2 cups cream of wheat, a sweet potato, 2 slices reduced calorie bread, a wheat bran muffin, 2 flour tortillas, and 2 cups of long grain rice. so if i were to buy that all of those things my grocery bill would be huge and i would have a ton of open bread/carbs to use up somehow. but i know that a carb is a carb is a carb. so i'm not going to buy three different kinds of bread plus rolls and tortillas for the week. i would buy a bag of one of them and use whatever i bought when the menu called for any of them. so instead of spending $6 on three different kinds of bread, $2 on dinner rolls and $2 on tortillas [$10 total] i'd spend $2 on one of those things. i'd actually probably include the wheat bran muffin in there too. i tend not to buy cheerios, waffles or saltines, so i'd probably buy an extra three sweet potatoes to have instead. streamlining your list is going to reduce waste and the total cost of your bill.
once you have a few menus you really like, shop the sales. most grocery stores rotate the same sales in every month. which means that it can be worth it to stock up that week. my almond milk costs 3.33 regularly. but the second week of the month publix puts it on sale for $2.50. so i try to make sure i have a coupon for it that week and i try to make sure that i have enough milk to get me through til the second week of next month. watch the sales and you'll see the pattern. so if you want to have scallops, don't have them the full price week, save that dinner for when they go on sale for $5 a pound. and back to the vegetable is a vegetable is a vegetable lesson. if your recipe calls for $5 a pound asparagus and zucchini is $1 per pound, make the recipe with zucchini.

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12/30/13 2:35 P

I am of the opinion that eating healthy and fresh may be more costly, but I would rather spend my money on good food than on doctors or vitamins

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12/30/13 2:33 P

Eating healthy might seem more expensive right now, but with time, you'll learn how to save.

Fruit that is not in season can be very expensive. That's why you should buy what's in season and on sale. Frozen berries are much cheaper than fresh and still retain all their vital nutrients. Frozen veggies (spinach, peas, broccoli, kale) are pretty inexpensive. Buy the house brand and that will save you even more money.

The Spark menus are not written in stone. They can be adapted to suit your budget. It would be nice if everyone could afford organic. but in this economy, that's not always possible. So, if you find an organic product that's on sale, buy it. If it's not on sale, buy conventional instead.

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12/30/13 1:53 P

Hello and Welcome!

Here is a great article that you may enjoy. Be sure to check out the related content as well.

Be well,

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12/30/13 1:27 P

I am new here and am planning new menus to eat healthier....I went to the store with my list and spent a lot more than I usually do.... especially the fruit is costly :(.....any ideas on how I can manage my grocery budget? emoticon

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