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3/7/13 3:11 P

With lasagna, I think a big part of it is textural. Something changes about the texture so on the second day, it holds together better.

I know that's also true of baklava (nut, honey, and fillo dessert). I recently made it for the first time and it was much better the second day.

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3/7/13 1:33 P

On the cooking shows they sometimes called it "letting the flavors marry"

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3/7/13 12:29 P

Don't know of a specific term, but you are so right. Chili, soups and so many other foods are better the next day. I make a lot of things early so they can sit and the flavors blend.


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3/6/13 4:46 P

I've never heard of an actual cooking term for it...... I just call it "letting the flavors meld together", but I love stuff like pasta or stews the 2nd or 3rd day!

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3/6/13 3:28 P

Is there a cooking term for why some foods taste better the 2nd day? Foods like lasagna and some salads always taste better the 2nd day. What's the term for all those flavors mixing, blending, sitting and then tasting better the 2nd day?

silly, I know, but I've always wondered. LOL


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