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3/21/11 1:21 A

Thanks for the stretches Nancy! These are definitely something I need to be doing as well, esp since it's spring now, and I can walk outside a lot more.

SULFABABY Posts: 473
3/20/11 10:01 P

Thanks, Nancy! I found that very helpful.

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3/20/11 9:53 P

Try the stretches, but if the pain comes back the next time you walk, you might need a different pair of shoes, yours might not have the correct arch support for your type of foot. Don't let it keep you from walking, just find a way to make it better so you can keep going. You are on your way to a more glorious you!

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3/20/11 9:22 P


Sounds like you may be experiencing some shin splint issues, which isn't too uncommon when you are doing more than what your body is adapted to doing. Below are some shin building exercises you may want to try. Also icing your shins when you are done may help, too. Remember, too, that as important as exercise is, don't forget that rest is just as important as the exercise itself, so taking a day or two off a week until your body acclimates is just fine.

Alphabet stretch

Sit in a chair with your leg extended in front of you. Trace the alphabet in cursive with your toes trying not to break the rhythm. Do this on each leg 3-5 times, 2-3 times a day.

Marble Pick-ups

Put marbles on the floor and pick them up with your toes and place in a cup. Do this 1-2 times daily with each foot.

Towel Scrunch

Place a towel flat on a wood/tile floor. Sit in a chair and then use your toes to scrunch the towel in a heap. Do once on each foot daily.

Sock drape

Fill a tube sock with gravel or coins (that you find on your walk/runs....LOL), seal with rubber band. Sit down and drape the sock with the coins or gravel equally distributed over your foot....then lift your foot toward the ceiling. Do this 10 times each foot several times a day.

You do not have to do all these exercises, I just gave several options, but you will want to do these to help strengthen the lower leg.

I hope this helps!

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3/20/11 8:16 P

i have been walking for about two weeks now everyday. i started at two miles with no difficulty. however the last two days my shins down to the top of my ankles have been killing. does any one know why and how to maybe stop the pain???

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