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5/15/13 5:35 P

I find that I do that a lot, so I can't bring anything like that in the house. If it's there I will eat it regardless if I am hungry or not. For some reason I can't stop myself, so I can't bring it in the house or I will eat it all and not stop. Just be glad you didn't eat the whole bag.

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5/14/13 4:52 P

don't worry about it. I have extra snacks sometimes. 180 calories isn't that much.

tomorrow is another day.

hang in there! emoticon

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5/14/13 4:31 P

My neighbors dog ate a dead mole. Puts that butterscotch candy into perspective, doesn't it?

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5/14/13 12:16 A

Happens to us all....Tomorrow is another day.

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5/13/13 9:29 P

we all do that at times...if you don't do it all of the time I highly doubt you'll notice anything detrimental because of it......I allow myself something 2x a week, in moderation, of course emoticon

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5/13/13 6:27 P

I wouldn't worry about it. Given the amount of exercise you did, and the calories you consumed, I would say you didn't over-eat calories at all! You have to remember that when you do a fair bit of exercise, you need to eat more to accommodate it, strange as it may seem. What range has SP given you? When you set this up, did you enter in accurately the amount of exercise that you do? ..... because this can make a difference, too!


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5/13/13 6:10 P

I just mindlessly ate a handful of butterscotch candies. After I had my afternoon snack. Completely mindless snacking. Wasted 180 calories and put me over for the day.

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