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6/20/14 6:58 P

No Motivation

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6/20/14 5:57 P

tridishional exercise i cant seem to get into at age 64 but i try to find ways to keep finding things to do. today walked beach, played in water, walked around while waiting for bus instead of seating on the porch steps. i play volley ball alone off my house out back. walk to the mailbox,1111 steps.etc. just keep moving as much as i can.

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6/20/14 7:54 A

I have had the same problem. It's gotten better in the past couple of weeks. I'm starting to find activities that my son enjoys too. So, now we take the really, really long way to the park. He loves the nice walk and the park at the end of the trip is priceless. He also likes swimming and playing tag. That really helped me. He now tells me that we need to walk, so even if I'm tired, he pushes me.

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6/20/14 7:43 A

If you like the thought of running/walking, maybe you can try a C25k plan or a Spark 5k training plan. And then sign up for a 5k for about when you'd be done training. Usually, you can find a local event that isn't too expensive and discounts for early registration. My town offers a 5k in mid July. The cost is $18 if you sign up before June 26.

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6/20/14 6:28 A

When it comes to regular exercise, it's important to find activities you enjoy. Then you're much more likely to stick with it. Do you like walking or jogging? If not, find something else to do like biking, swimming, etc. Don't be afraid to experiment with activities until you find things you like. Here are a few articles you might also find helpful:

Coach Jen

SIDHITA Posts: 2
6/20/14 5:54 A

Hi guys , I a m 31 and working mother and need to loose over 30 KGs.
I eat around 1200 - 1500 calories a day.
I know i would love to exercise like walking/jogging or running but i cant seem to do it. how do i give myself a push ?

Has anybody faced such a problem.

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