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3/31/13 9:15 P

I think it's best you manully regulate the treadmill and do your maximum speed and incline but go with speed over resistance if you want ot burn more calories.

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3/31/13 9:00 P

Neither. :) Because you're aiming for the same rate of weight loss, if you burn more, you need to eat more, and if you burn less, you eat less. You adjust your diet to the amount of exercise you do, so that no matter how much exercising you do, you are still aiming for the same approximate weight loss goal.

It's all about the amount of time you spend. If you're short on time, then the higher intensity workout would be a better way to spend your time. If you enjoy a less intense workout, that's good, too.

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3/31/13 8:56 P

Hi Judy,

Calorie expended is based on the intensity of the exercise that you do. That being said, when you focus too much on exercise intensity and not on consistency, you can find yourself tired, overly sore and burned out. Exercise is about consistancy and life-long habit building.

Coach Nancy

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3/31/13 8:51 P

I have a treadmill with automatic incline. I use one of the pre-programmed workouts. It's 30 minutes and it is 3-3.5 mph and goes from 2%-7% incline. then I walk on the treadmill at 1% incline for 60 minutes. my question is which is better for weight loss?

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