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6/15/11 11:37 P

for taste beef is the best, especially if it is kosher.

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6/15/11 11:31 P

I agree with BORN2BLOSSOM! I get the Trader Joe's Beef dogs or there chicken sausage. there Sweet Italian chicken sausage tastes just like Italian sausage and the Jalapeno chicken sausage is so good!!

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6/15/11 5:16 P

What do you mean by better? If calories, etc. are the same I would go for beef since I think beef hotdogs taste better.

6/15/11 5:10 P

Neither, don't waste your calories.

6/15/11 4:43 P

It really depends. You need to look at the label to figure this out. I did find a hot dog that has enough protein to count as a meal, and does not have as much fat as many others (David Berg All Beef Weiners). They are a quarter pound each and cost more--about 5.99 a pound. Of course, they are not health food, so I only eat one very occasionally.

6/15/11 3:53 P

In hot dogs whether the meat is from chicken, beef, pork or turkey, there are no real nutritional differences. Some brands calories vary greatly tho, but the sodium will always be high.

Every once in a while I ge the urge for a hot dog and when I do, there are 2 brands I always go to. Either Applegate Farms or Trader Joe's store brand hot dogs. Applegate Farms has organic options (yep, organic beef franks!) and both brands have all natural varities of beef, turkey or chicken and don't have any added nitrates or artifical colors or fillers. They're around 90 calories each (some are even lower, but some of the bigger ones are a little more) They're still loaded with sodium of course, but they're a much better option than most other brands out there.

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MO-CROSBY Posts: 353
6/15/11 3:42 P

I assume you are asking which is better: chicken hot dogs or beef hot dogs; not chicken breast versus a beef hot dog? If so, it is my opinion that they should both be avoided if possible. Any kind of hot dogs (and most processed meats) are full of sodium and chemical preservatives that are very unhealthy. You are better off skipping the hot dogs for a chicken breast or lean turkey burger on the grill.

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6/15/11 3:31 P

chicken is better. hot dogs are processed food.

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6/15/11 3:25 P

which is better chicken or beef hot dogs? seems both have loads of sodium
and calories are about same.

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