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1/9/14 4:06 P

An inexpensive option would be to get a hand blender for about $20.

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1/9/14 10:11 A

I have a VitaMix that I absolutely love for smoothies. Yes, it's pricey, but in my opinion, it's worth it as it blends everything completely. I can also make soups in it, almond milk, coconut milk, etc.

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1/9/14 9:21 A

I got a great deal on the Ninja Storm from QVC that is a nice small size but works great. Also, if you want to make the investment, the Vitamix is amazing and there's so much you can do in it

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1/9/14 8:42 A

I have a Ninja that I use daily. I just love it- especially for the cups that you blend the drink right in without having to dirty more dishes. :)

1/9/14 7:01 A

I live overseas so I have a brand you wouldn't recognize or be able to get, but I just have a simple cheap blender from the local store. I can blend anything in it with enough water. The first few times I tried to blend I thought I couldn't and started looking into expensive machines then I discovered that I needed to add much more liquid than I thought. I usually do a banana, spinach, chia seed, and frozen berry combination and I have to add a good bit of water to get all the berries pulverized. If I am making a smoothie for myself and my husband I use one banana, 2 large handfuls of spinach, 1 TBL chia seeds, then a smattering of frozen berries on top. This has the blender nearly full then I add several hundred mLs of water and continue to add if needed if I see the blending start to slow down. The chia seeds help thicken things back up I think as I notice it will sometimes get thicker as it stands for a few minutes. If you already own a blender try this. No need to go out and spend a lot of money on one.

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1/8/14 9:02 P

I am still trying toeat more fruits, so I was thinking of getting a blender or smoothie maker but am not sure which one. any suggestions would be wonderful and so very helpful... thank you in advance from me jacki... and happy unbirthday

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