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6/3/13 5:21 P

Thankyou both for the promt reply, both are useful !!
Becky thats exactly what u was looking for thanks, great help..
There are also some recpe's from members aswell which ask for protein powder to add protein to the shake or cake or even a meaty meal..
Thanks again for your help

6/3/13 3:15 P

I assume you are already meeting your protein needs and just looking for the whey protein to try some of the recipes. For many recipes, you can substitute nonfat, dry milk powder.

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6/3/13 12:52 P

Anything that's designed for gaining weight will be full of simple carbs. Look for a plain, unflavored whey protein concentrate (WPC) - it should be cold microfiltrated and approx 80% protein per serving. I would also suggest looking online as you'll probably get a better deal than you can get from a store.

SWEETISHA1 Posts: 668
6/3/13 12:21 P

Hello SP,
I've been looking for whey protein powder for a long time..
there are a lot of recipe's that require it here on SP, and i so much would love to try them.
I live in holland and the most whey powders have a lot of other ingredients in them and i dont want to pay the huge amount of money( in sport shops huge jars) for something i probably wont use.
I was once in a herb shop here and they had pure whey powder specially for people that need to put on weight??
I dont need to put weight on; the opposite actually.. so i'm confused as to which whey powder to get ( if its possible in holland) and if its the right one for cooking etc..
thanks in advance

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