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MOMMYMAYO SparkPoints: (4,796)
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Posts: 211
5/15/13 9:41 P

walked inside today for 30 minutes rained here most the day but I did it

VMIGIRL SparkPoints: (26,243)
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5/15/13 2:47 P

Keep up the walking! Sounds great!

MOMMYMAYO SparkPoints: (4,796)
Fitness Minutes: (4,346)
Posts: 211
5/15/13 11:16 A

well yesterday was good I jogged last nite after I had went to oklahoma city and walked around for an hour and had walked 10 minutes that morning it was a good feeling to go to bed that tired.I am challenging my self a little more each day and I have noticed that the more weight I loose the further I can push myself and that is what I used to do when I weighed 128 pounds but I got in a bad car reck and could,nt do much for a long time but I am coming back.

MOMMYMAYO SparkPoints: (4,796)
Fitness Minutes: (4,346)
Posts: 211
5/9/13 11:50 P

so for I have lost 26 pounds . I never quit some days I just have to go slower .I need to loose another 113 pounds so I hope your journey is as fun as mine has been.I see a lot of people when I am walking which I could not see if I just sat on the couch so good walking and thank you for caring.

NEWSPARK8287 SparkPoints: (13,583)
Fitness Minutes: (5,619)
Posts: 177
5/9/13 4:21 P

Awesome! Walking rocks! I walk around the parking lot at my job during my lunch break when its not too hot. I'm on a mission to get out of the overweight catagory.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 64,084
5/9/13 2:47 P

Don't quit.

MOMMYMAYO SparkPoints: (4,796)
Fitness Minutes: (4,346)
Posts: 211
5/7/13 9:51 P

well walking is what I do to loose weight so do I take the hilly road or the long straight road.It depends on the weather and if my asma is acting up that day so most days are long roads but that is ok when I take enough weight off I will be able to take the hilly road more often.

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