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9/4/12 11:40 A

When does not matter, your body doesn't have a clock.

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9/4/12 10:51 A


AARNOLD6 Posts: 76
9/4/12 9:53 A

thank you all very much for your advice. my main issue was cause that whole story bout eating big late. i have taken what you have all suggested into theory and figured i can ramp up my breaky calories with a peice of fruit and have a lite pre dinner snack, as i do fond to meet the cals at end i feel like im gorging.
once again i thank you all very much, im so glad i found Spark People emoticon

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9/4/12 9:27 A

Based on my size and exercise plan I have almost 2000 calories a day to consume. I often have almost half of that left over after lunch. I added an extra meal and use that to get the extra calories and get the carbs or fat I need to keep my balance. I do not like to suff myself at one meal just to finish out my calories. On occassion when I have eaten few calories by evening I will do a serving and a half at dinner. Especiall if it is something I like. There are certain dishes I do not want to give up. On thos days I will stick with oat meal for breakfast and salad for lunch so I can have the higher fat dinner.

Everything I have read says it really does not matter when you eat your calories froma diet point of view. It is really what works best for you. The only caveat here is how it affects you work outs. I you work out strenuously in the morning, the articles I have read have said that you should have something hight protein an hour before your workout or late the night before.

Good luck.

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9/4/12 9:12 A

Like previous posters have said, it doesn't matter when you eat them. It's all up to you. If you are fine with eating how much you have been eating at each meal then keep it that way. Personally, I have a very small breakfast and lunch, a snack in the afternoon and maybe in the morning if I'm feeling hungry, a larger dinner, and sometimes a snack after dinner. It's what works for me. You need to find what works for you.

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9/4/12 3:00 A

Calories can't tell time, so you can eat them whenever you want. Some people eat a bigger meal in the morning, then light during the day, others do it the other way around. So, if it is working for you, why not stick with it?

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9/4/12 1:48 A

Toast or cereal for breakfast and a sandwich for lunch sounds perfectly fine and healthy to me.

You should probably try to add a 100-200 calorie snack or two throughout your day. This'll help space out the calories so you don't have such a glut of them left at one meal at the end. A handful of almonds, or a yoghurt pottle, or even just an apple, will help you get some more nutrients and use up some of those calories!

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9/4/12 1:41 A

it doesn't really matter when you consume your calories. Some people say not to eat before bed because it may cause you discomfort and interrupt your sleeping, but personally, I sleep great on a full stomach.

I assume you are going with 1200 since you said "i find myself with 600cal + to consume for dinner"

You can always use 400 - 500 for dinner and save some for a snack later on in the evening.

Do you like peanut butter? You could try a tablespoon on your morning toast maybe?

AARNOLD6 Posts: 76
9/4/12 1:32 A

hi every one.
i have only just started using Spark People a week ago, and although i have tried many diets i have never counted calories (too hard in my opinion) untill now.
i just wanting to know if it matters too much as to when the calories are consumed?
i am successfully maintaining my calorie intake goals but i find most of those are being consumed for dinner.
i have never been one to eat breakfast or lunch, so to eat something other then 2 slices of toast and spread or a bowl of cereal for breakfast and a sandwich of some kind or a salad for lunch is beyond me.

when do eat the above mentioned i find myself with 600cal + to consume for dinner.
will this slow my weight loss progress?

im not overly worried, as i'm averaging a loss of 200gr a day which im thrilled with, but i know that it's easy to lose weight at first and i dont want to effect my future weight loss because im doing something wrong that can be fixed.

thank you every one in advance for your help hints and advice.


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