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You *should* began strength training to maintain lean muscle when you begin losing weight. Otherwise 25% of you weight loss can come from lean muscle/tissue. Strength training helps combat this lean muscle loss so that the vast majority of your weight loss is concentrated where it needs to be, fat loss. You don't want to lose much lean muscle or you risk having a high body fat percentage at a low weight.

"Toning" is a very deceiving word. It implies that if you lift heavy, you will bulk up. I assure you that as a woman, you will not. We simply lack the testosterone and type of muscles required to get bulky. Fat is bulky, muscle is not. The more muscle you have vs. fat the smaller you will be (lean). When you do see women who are bulky it's usually not achieved through natural bodybuilding (unless they have abnormally high levels of testosterone); enhancement drugs, hormone injections, supplements, hours of hard labour in the gym, etc. It is something you will never have to worry about.

When you lift light weights, high reps... it is essentially cardio and will do very little to maintain, let alone build muscle.

You may be lucky enough to build lean muscle while on a calorie deficit and not just maintain especially as a beginner but your goal should be maintaining the muscle you do have.

There really is no such thing as "toning" you either;

a) Maintain lean muscle on a calorie deficit
b) Build muscle, burn fat in recomp. (eating at maintenance) and it can be achieved by beginners to strength training, particularly those who are not already lean on a calorie deficit.
c) Build muscle (mass gains) at a calorie surplus

The type of training you do remains the same. Challenging weights/resistance (where you reach muscle fatigue in 6-10 reps before increasing weight/resistance).

For a beginner your best bet is compound exercises that work multiple muscles at the same time. Do not worry about isolation moves they are a waste of time. Compound exercises include; squats, lunges, pull ups, push ups, dead lifts, overhead press, bench press, rows, planks, etc.

You can start with bodyweight exercises (which you probably already have some experience with in yoga) and resistance bands if you plan on working out at home. Resistance bands are very versatile and affordable. A great start for a beginner.

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9/8/13 10:33 A

If you are using the word you meaning me, then, a long time ago. If you are using the word as meaning any one, I would say right away as an integral part of your workout regime.

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Strength training is a vital part of every exercise routine, and without it, as much as 25% of your weight loss can come from lean muscle mass, leading to what is unfondly known as "skinny fat", where you weigh little but have a high body fat percentage.

And don't worry about "toning", either, do actual strength training, with challenging weights. Don't wait until you lose more weight either. There are benefits to strength training at all weights, and it makes the process easier in the long run (helping you lose those precious inches!)

Strength training helps you look and feel better in the skin you're in. Don't wait!

Here's a great article that will help you (don't listen to the myths!)

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I am trying to figure out when I should add toning. I only have 15 more pounds before I reach my first goal which is ill be down to 200 I was thinking of adding it then. so far my workout routine is an hr or more of cardio depending on the miles I walk that day and 15 mins of yoga. I'll take any suggestion on when I should start toning thank you.

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