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7/23/13 9:05 A

emoticon Getting my fruits and vegetables in every day is hard sometimes, plus fresh produce can get costly. I need a healthy alternative - besides V8, which can get old after a while.
Hope you're still enjoying SP.

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7/24/12 12:49 P

It might help to not weigh yourself every day. Weight fluctuates naturally a little bit based on water levels, so you might still be losing fat and it just hasn't registered yet on the scale. Try weighing yourself every week instead of daily. Also, cutting out all sugar will only work if you cut out sugar forever. Being healthy is about finding a balance.

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7/17/12 1:31 P

I would suggest asking on a 17 day diet team. Sparkpeople doesn't really provide support for individual diet plans that aren't part of the philosophy of Sparkpeople, although there are others here who use it.

I will say that weight loss isn't a linear process. You won't always lose every day, and it's best to look at weekly losses for your progress.

You can't expect to lose lots of weight forever... your initial large weight loss was likely water loss. What I know of the 17 day diet tells me that you're in the 1200 calorie phase... an amount that may be undereating for you.

However, you need to give any healthy lifestyle change at least 6-8 weeks to work. It takes time for you to lose, and not losing in a couple of days is not an indicator that something's wrong.

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7/17/12 8:23 A

Okay I am on the 17 day diet. This will be my 9th day. I am kind of bummed. I am stuck ...the weight isnt moving on the scale. Nope the scale isnt broken. But I have eatten like to the T. Cut out all sugars and even POP. Discouraged. I have lost about 8 llbs. Scale hasnt budged for a couple of days now. ....suggestions?

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