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10/11/12 6:27 P

haha -- that's too funny... thinking about Flo Rida as a female.

I just got that shazam app on my iphone that tells you what any song is that's currently playing -- it's so great! Now I don't have to go around asking people what a song is when I can't even remember how it goes or what the lyrics are.

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10/11/12 2:59 P

Aaaaaahahahaha. I have just been informed by my office manager that Flo Rida is indeed, a dude. I guess it's a just a female that sings the chorus bit and that's all that I really hear.

I also thought it was a country song. I thought the song was by Taylor Swift. Not that I could identify a Taylor Swift song.

I am so out of touch. Ahahaha.

JHAACK39 SparkPoints: (12,184)
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10/11/12 2:48 P

Aahahaha. Apparently I'm hooked on Flo Rida as well. I only wear headphones when I'm doing a cardio machine and watch TV. When I do some strength training, I just listen to whatever's playing at the gym.

I just had to Google the lyrics "I heard you were a wild one" to see who sang it. I thought Flo Rida was a dude. Shows you how much I know about new music.

And I wouldn't realy call it "hooked". It would be more accurate to say I am neutral on it enough to make it not completely unmemorable. And, it doesn't fa ll into the "I really don't like this song, yet know at least 5 of the words in it." category. So, I it? Not really sure, but I acknowledge it's got a nice hook to it?

I really should bring my own mp3 player. I think the bagpipe music I listen to would do wonders for my workouts.

HEALTHY-SPARK SparkPoints: (41,878)
Fitness Minutes: (47,660)
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10/11/12 2:31 P

I'm hooked on Flo Rida -- especially Whistle right now. Can't listen to it enough and it's great to get me up and moving.

HOLLY228301 Posts: 145
10/11/12 2:24 P

What is your top songs you like to exercise to?
for me its just about any foo fighter song, but my kids had me listen to this TTYLXOX song from Disney's show Shake It Up, it is REALLY up beat and fast paced.. i tried running to it, it was REALLY good.

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