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After not owning a scale for years, and trying out a digital scale that turned out to be useless, I finally bought a Weight Watchers digital scale that works great. It gives consistent readings, makes efficient use of batteries, and was on sale at Target. Very pleased.

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10/7/11 9:58 P


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10/7/11 9:47 P


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I'm happy with my cheap spring scale. I like that I can make sure it is actually zeroed out before I step on it. I had a nice body fat scale before but over time it became inaccurate and there was no way to adjust it. I think for me it is also good that I can't see the 0.2 0.3 readings...the dial on mine is just big enough that I can see a trend down but not be annoyed by small variations. But since the dial is small I don't end up recording that I lost a lb until I am certain it has past that mark.

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I just bought today from Bed Bath and Beyond a scale from Beurer that another Spark user suggested. It is digital. It stores up to 10 profiles. So next week when I step on it, it will tell me my weight change. (Which will hopefully be down!). It also calculate your bodyfat %, muscle %, water %

It was $29 I believe, and BBB always has coupons so I used the 20% off coupon.

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I prefer one that doesn't lie. Nothing worse then a scale that lies!!! emoticon

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Old fashion dr. scale got the last one off of ebay for $25.

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The ones that don't laugh when I get on them. I like digital.

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10/7/11 10:33 A

the one in the trash. LMAO. i prefer digital, because there is less guessing.

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10/7/11 6:20 A

I agree, a simple digital scale

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I'm not crazy about the ones with all the bells and whistles...they're confusing. But I do like my simple digital scale - I feel like it gives me a more accurate idea of where I'm at than an analog scale would.

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10/7/11 4:29 A

I prefer my home scale vs the evil doctor's office scale that always weighs me five lbs. More.

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10/7/11 2:44 A

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10/7/11 1:48 A

My priority is not type of is getting the correct info. regardless of the type.

10/7/11 12:21 A

one that makes you weigh less every time it is used

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10/6/11 11:56 P


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10/6/11 11:34 P

I have a Tanita scale & I love it. It is extreamly accurate and even measures body fat %.

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10/6/11 11:33 P

I like the analog emoticon

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10/6/11 11:31 P

The old fashioned kind.

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10/6/11 10:24 P

i find digital scales to be completely inaccurate - one day it says im 115 the next im 121... i prefer the old school scales

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10/6/11 12:04 P

I love my weight watchers digital scale.

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10/6/11 11:53 A

Old fashion Spring Scale! emoticon

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electronic digital is more accurately consistent

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10/5/11 10:59 A

A good old fashioned spring scale with a dial. I've never had a consistant digital scale, mayeb I haven't bought the right one.

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10/5/11 10:47 A


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10/5/11 10:09 A

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10/5/11 9:55 A

i have the old fashioned kind but getting hard to read so was thinkig of getting a digital so i don't have to strain my eyes so much

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10/5/11 9:45 A

I have a Weight WAtchers scale. It works for me.

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10/5/11 9:27 A

I love my glass digital scale! It has a memory function so it tells me how much up or down I am, to the 10th of a Lb. So when I feel like I am having a crappy week, I can look at it and say well it isnt much, but down a 10th of a Lb is still DOWN!


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10/5/11 9:05 A

Simple analog for me. The digital ones seem like they can't make up their minds what you weigh.

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10/5/11 8:27 A

I like the old ones with the needle. I had a digital, but got too consumed with the decimals. I let 0.2 of a lb, plus or minus, rule my day. How silly. I just track weight around 1-5 lbs. I try to feel my clothes more.

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10/5/11 8:15 A


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10/5/11 8:14 A

Digital weight watchers --- cheap and simple

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10/5/11 8:13 A

I like my digital scale. It has all kind of functions how to check BMI etc, but those are not very reliable, so I just check my weight.

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10/5/11 7:26 A

I prefer an accurate one... style doesn't matter.

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10/5/11 7:03 A

For weighing yourself -

Digital/electronic, analog, fancy ones, simple ones ...

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