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10/24/12 1:26 P

PATTIA1311 hola! The half a burger thing is a great idea. Also, cutting out half the portion is good.
I know I will get tired, (kids LOL)
But, I do hope I can give myself 20 mins. emoticon
Great advice

10/24/12 1:24 P

MMEEAAGGX3 thank you, that's a great advice.
I dunno if I wiill be having wifi, and internet overseas(on phone) could be $$$.
But, I'l keep it in mind & track before hand if I can. emoticon

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10/24/12 12:46 P

Bring your phone or a tablet and while you're out to eat, research the nutritional info of the food at hand. =) It's so convenient, when I'm at a restaurant, I can just go right on my phone and look up the calories instantly so I know what I should stay away from.

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10/24/12 11:56 A

I always try to choose something that is light, light on calories or fat. No gravy or sauces, they have tons of both! Stay away from fried as well for obvious reasons. But the biggest thing for me is only eating about half of what is brought on my plate. I think this is a huge thing even if it is lower in calories and fat, the portion sizes at restaurants are huge compared to what I try to eat. Also, I try to stay away from extra breads. If I decided on a burger, I ask them to not put the top bun on. I know it sounds weird, but its just extra carbs and calories I do not need. Hope this helps! Have fun!

PS If you are going to be doing a lot of walking while on vacation, that can help off set the extra food, too. :)

10/24/12 11:22 A

Iam going for a four day, vacation to Malaysia!
I will be going with family(inlaws,kids etc)
So, how can I make my trip fun, enjoy and still be wise.

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