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what to eat AFTER a work out?

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Posts: 395
1/16/13 12:59 P

Obviously you are going to need a whole meal soon after, but I have heard that chocolate milk is a good immediate post-exercise snack. It supposedly has the right combination of carbs and protein. Now, whether or not you feel like drinking a glass of milk when you're all sweaty and gross is a different story.

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Posts: 178
1/16/13 12:23 P

Thanks for the great advice! I usually burn 300 cal on an average work out and eat around 1200-1300 on a good day- I took the advice and had a sandwich with turkey on whole wheat- flax bread with veggies- as well as a banana! thanks for all the input! and Ill try to eat dinner a bit later than 4 :)

Posts: 4,947
1/16/13 11:27 A

Here is an article that might offer you some other helpful ideas as well.

What to Eat After You Work Out
Refuel and Recover with a Post-Workout Meal or Snack

Coach Tanya

Posts: 1,793
1/16/13 2:41 A

4pm seems awfully early for dinner. You might consider eating lunch a little earlier than 4pm and eating dinner later at night, after you work out.

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1/16/13 1:22 A

A combination of fruit, grain, and protein is what I always do.

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1/15/13 11:35 P

What is your overall calorie intake for the day, and how many calories are you burning?

Generally after you workout, you want lots of protein. IF you're starving, it's possible you're not eating enough over the course of the day to support your activity.

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1/15/13 10:52 P

A tuna or peanut butter sandwich, on Sara Lee 45 cal. a slice bread.

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Posts: 178
1/15/13 10:44 P

Hi- I was looking for some insight- after I work out I get incredibly hungry! I usually eat an hour or so before a work out- like today i had a big lunch/ dinner around 4- chicken breast with a salad and later berry sauce and some crackers with cheese and fruit- I worked out at 730 only for 40min but all cardio- now I feel like I havent eaten all day! this seems to always happen- whats something healthy and filling that will help my muscles after a work out- espically one thats usually at night! tomorrow Im going to morning heat yoga and again im concerned about what to eat after- espically since I cant eat alot before the practice....thanks for any tips or suggests

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