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12/6/12 10:04 A

Getting healthier, stronger, and being able to move well as I age! emoticon

TOGEMON Posts: 247
12/6/12 10:00 A

My "before" photos... I can see the progress I've made and imagine how much better my final "after" photos will look!

Like pixi-elf, I'm tagged in some photos on FB where I look pretty bad!


PSAPPEN Posts: 210
12/5/12 10:32 A

I am very motivated by my bad back and my bad knees. The less extra weight I have the better for my body.

I am also motivated by my stomach - eating junk food tends to hurt more as you get older. Definitely want to get away from that kind of pain.

There is this saying on one of the workout videos I do - "If you want to look like an athlete, you need to train like an athlete." It helps me push through those tough workouts.

PATRICIAANN46 Posts: 17,348
12/5/12 10:23 A

The thought of becoming healthier motivates me.

PIXI_ELF SparkPoints: (5,529)
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12/5/12 10:14 A

There is a tagged picture of me on Facebook in which I look disgustingly huge! I look at that occasionally to remind myself how far I've come and to keep pushing myself to not get back there!

EMAW22 SparkPoints: (0)
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12/5/12 9:54 A

ADIOSALL Posts: 5,197
12/5/12 9:02 A

All those size 6 clothes hanging in my closet.just waiting for me to wear again!

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
12/5/12 8:54 A

the pictures of my nieces and nephews. I want them to have a healthy aunty. It means more to me than anything.

BFMONICA Posts: 1,624
12/4/12 1:55 A

The picture of a pound of fat that sparkpeople posted on Facebook emoticon .

UAVRIDER SparkPoints: (79)
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12/4/12 1:50 A

hey guys and girls i thought this would be a nice thread for people to stick to there healthy life style. for the people who have lost, what things motivate you to "never go back" to the old you? i will start.

- being able to go to the mall and shop the nicer stores and them have my size, that is such a great feeling coming from where i wasnt even close to the companies biggest size.

-being able to go to a resturant and never have to worry about if i will fit in a booth or not. i always loved sitting in the booths vs the uncomfy chairs and now i can go in knowing i will fit.

-getting in the back seat of trucks, my family/freinds have extended cab trucks and for a smaller/ medium size person its just enough room to be comfortable but when you are obese its extremely tight and not to mention emberasing being packed back there like a sardeen.

- thinking about all the people who have made fun of me and taunted me about my weight or made nicnames, ESPECIALY the ones i have kept up with and have gained alot of weight themselfs and actualy are alot bigger than i am now. even though, i would never taunt them about it, i have to admit i smile inside when i think about how hurt i was at the time and now im in alot better shape than them.

so when you start to thinking of returning to bad habbits, what are some things that keep you on track?

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