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12/4/11 4:56 P

Hi There - If you are completely new, look on your start page. On the right hand column in a white box is something called Quick Links. Click on the one that says Getting Started Guide and follow that through. It will help you with the initial steps.

Also on the start page in the middle at the top is a box called Today's Features. Click on the tab that says SparkPeople Insider. That changes every day and focuses on teaching you how to use and find different things on the site. When I first started I used that everyday to help me learn how to figure things out.

Good luck. Don't let the frustration keep you from using this site. I've been on here over 2 years and have lost and kept off over 90 lbs. It's worth the effort to learn how to use everything. Sorry about your loss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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12/4/11 10:02 A

I just sent you a spark mail. You should find the logo on the top of the screen, next the help button.


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12/2/11 11:37 A

Thank you...I'm just pc challenged and hate learning how to use new sites. I have a complete meltdown when FB changes things. My father died this past Tuesday, so that's nothelping with my mood or depression, but I'll slowly work it out! Thanks again!

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12/2/11 11:35 A

THANK YOU...i,ve just been frustrated!

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12/2/11 2:01 A

There are videos and posts all over the site on how to use it. I even see a button on the front 'start' page.

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12/1/11 10:08 P

What do you need help with?
Looks like you already figured out how to post!

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12/1/11 10:04 P

this website is totally confusing!!! will i ever figure this stuff out??? emoticon

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