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APRILLYNN6 Posts: 15
8/17/10 12:50 P

I am an 18 and want to be where I was when I got married 15 years ago, a size 12.

8/16/10 4:32 P

I am a 18 would love to be an 8

FAT2FIT4GOOD Posts: 97
8/16/10 4:26 P

I am a size 20 and would love to be a size 14!

HEALTHY_45 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (12,069)
Posts: 387
8/16/10 3:39 P

When I started this journey size 18 was tight, I am now a loose 16 and would love to be a comfortable 10.

MRSLEE10 Posts: 7
8/16/10 11:53 A

I am a size 11/12 ans would LOVE to be a 6!

8/16/10 11:21 A

I am a size 18 and would like to be a 12. emoticon

JAZZYSHINE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (5,657)
Posts: 933
8/16/10 10:22 A

size 16 want to be an 8

SEMMER215 Posts: 319
8/14/10 11:11 A

Started at a 12 and now a 10, I ultimately want to be a comfortable 6/8. I am not looking to be supermodel thin. I just want my clothes to feel good!

8/14/10 9:41 A

Size 6 want to be 2/4 - I'm short

KCGOOCH Posts: 84
8/13/10 10:47 P

Like Ge-I am a size 10 but would love to be a size 6. Actually, a TON of cute clothes in my closet is a size 8. My husband sure has NO problem dropping a size. I am not soo lucky-but I gave birth to 4 babies in 4 years, he did not!! But, I am not giving up!!! :-) emoticon

GESHANNON Posts: 855
8/13/10 9:31 P

size 10 and want to be a 6

SPARKGIRL285 Posts: 773
8/13/10 2:37 P

I started off as a size 18 am currently a size 8 and hope to be a size 5

ANNAMARIE1958 Posts: 2,951
8/13/10 11:09 A

I'm currently in a 10 pants thats the smallest I have every been . In 1988 I wore a 20....I've come a long way emoticon

8/13/10 10:48 A

Currently a 20 close to 18..but i would like to be a 12-16 I think.

8/13/10 4:20 A

Currently size 16. I'd love to be back in 4/6 again.

8/12/10 7:50 P

I am a size 16. I would love to be a size 10/12 but I'll be happy enough when I fit comfortably into my size 14's. Then I will work from there to get down to hopefully a size 8.

8/12/10 5:31 P

I just had my sixth child (2 months ago)and am in a 18/20. I am really happy in size ways to go! Good luck to all of you!

PONTIACGAL501 Posts: 1,355
8/12/10 9:20 A

I am currently a size 18 and would love to see a size 10 again. I would love to see a size 7 again but I think I would be pushing that since I am about 5'7". It has been about 20 years since I have seen a size 7.

CHINES706 Posts: 88
8/12/10 8:47 A

I am a size 18-16 now and my goal weight is size 10

CMKACK1211 Posts: 113
8/11/10 3:53 P

I am a 26 year old Mommy to 3. Having my children wasn't what made me put on the weight though. It was due to many years I spent on prednisone due to a gastrointestinal issue. Most of my early 20's I was in a size 11. I was comfortable in that size, but could try to go smaller. ( I was in a 7 once, and looked like skin and bone.didn't like it at all). I think a 9 would be perfect! Right now I am in a 16/18, and not at all happy with the size I am in. Can't wait to get started and meet my size goal! ......After my vacation is over next week. emoticon

Edited by: CMKACK1211 at: 8/11/2010 (15:54)
MELMIL2001 Posts: 4
8/11/10 2:35 P

I am a 40 yr old sahm. Turning 40, I strongly decided it is time for the change i have been avoiding for so long.. After having my third and last child 3 yrs ago, it;s time for me to care for myself too.. So I being at size 20 pants, I want to be at a size 10. I don't think I was ever that size, but I am hopeful. emoticon

ZZMOM1 Posts: 2
8/11/10 12:13 P

I started out a 16/18 earlier this year. 20 lbs later, I'm a 14/16 in jeans, but fit into a 12 when I was dress shopping last months =) First time a 12 has fit since 9th grade, and that was 20 years ago! Would love to be an 8, but would be satified with a 10. Even my "skinny" sister can't get below a 10, blame it on the big hips in the family.

MRSMACZ SparkPoints: (8,884)
Fitness Minutes: (10,090)
Posts: 153
8/11/10 11:38 A

I'm a 14/12 depending on the pants. I want to be a solid 8. It's a dream, I can't remember a time in my adult life when I was an 8 but I know it's possible.

JCROSS4365 Posts: 8
8/11/10 11:29 A

Im a size 14 right now. My goal is to be a size 7 again

MRSJANUARY24 Posts: 15
8/11/10 11:22 A

I wear a 22 right now, down from a 24, hoping to get to size 12. I'm 5'10 and in my adult life even when in good shape, I was a 12. I'm content with that :)

CHRIS319 Posts: 32
8/11/10 11:09 A

I was a size 16/18 depending on the clothes. I am currently a size 12. I haven't been a 12 since high school! I would love to get down to a 6/8. Never have been would love to see it!

But always remember as long as you are eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle..... size does not matter!

MVIEL1 Posts: 31
8/11/10 10:15 A

I'm in a 22, and have been as low as a 14, but my dream size is 6-8. Don't know if I will make it but am going to work hard to get there.

8/11/10 9:20 A

I started off at a very snug 11/12 I am now at size 5 hoping to be a 3/4...everything is possible with hard work and time!

GOAL5K2014 Posts: 110
8/10/10 5:08 P

I am a size 24...want to be down to a 20 by Christmas...ultimately I would be happy with a size 12!

8/10/10 4:31 A

I was an a loose 16. Would like to wind up a 10 or 12.

HYPNOTIQ116 SparkPoints: (15,531)
Fitness Minutes: (17,075)
Posts: 360
8/9/10 11:50 P

size 17/18. I wanna be a size 7.

ROXY27_29 Posts: 41
8/9/10 11:48 A

I am currently a 16/18 but I would love to be a 9/10. I just can't wait the day I do...

JUNKQUEEN2 Posts: 57
8/9/10 7:33 A

I was an 18-20 currently I am a 12 but I want to be an 8. 10 sounds pretty good too, who wouldn't be happy to end up half their size? ;)

RDCAGAIN Posts: 603
8/8/10 9:50 P

I went from a 16/18 to a 10 currently. I am still struggling to remember that when I go to the store for pants and try to go for 12's. I keep thinking, I can't be down there. Then I have to force myself to try things on and the 12's are always too big. I have another 20 pounds to go and can't imagine what size I could be with that weight off.

GLASS_GLASS Posts: 298
8/8/10 4:57 P

Was:14 or higher (wore scrubs all the time so I did not know my size at one point), Am:6(that gets too tight sometimes), Want: anywhere from 0-6 that fits comfy is fine with me. My lifelong goal is just to stay under an 8. When I get bigger than a 10/12 in the butt I am on my way to overweight territory by BMI standards. I gain easily so I need a window of comfort.

8/8/10 3:39 P

20/22 now. I'm aiming for 10/12 so I can buy some of the cute clothes hanging on racks in department stores.

FINAL5 Posts: 12
8/8/10 10:42 A

I'm a size 8 & can't wait to be a 6 again!

8/8/10 3:04 A

0 and 0 - tho i wouldn't mind being a 2 or 4.

SHOZZIE Posts: 949
8/7/10 2:20 P

I'm an 18, but I'd love to be a 12.

CELESTE617 Posts: 690
8/6/10 12:46 P

When started was 22/20; now I am a loose 18 - yay!!!!! Want to go down to a 13/14 or maybe a 12. But my real dream is a size 9. I was 9 once upon a time where I wore a long red dress, slit on the side with a black bolero jacket - that was almost 18 years ago. Believe it or not I still have the dress in my closet thinking one day I will fit into it again. That is my ultimate dream, boy I looked good then.

Edited by: CELESTE617 at: 8/6/2010 (12:48)
YOSOYLINDA Posts: 5,958
8/6/10 9:13 A

Squeezing into a 14-16 right now, but getting close to my Size 12 weight of a couple of years ago.

I started at 28-30/3X, so I really haven't thought too much about where I want to be. Without a couple of surgeries (which I probably won't have), I don't expect to get much lower than 8-10. emoticon

CRISSYCURRY Posts: 2,020
8/5/10 5:57 P

I'm in a 10, wanting to be a size 6 or 8. I was in a size 18 when I started "dieting." My goal was a size 10 and now that I'm there, I want to go a bit smaller.

Funny how we women are never satisfied. . .

MEANDMOOSE SparkPoints: (15,690)
Fitness Minutes: (13,047)
Posts: 636
8/5/10 8:06 A

12/14 and I want to be a 6/8

MUDOWE1 Posts: 117
8/5/10 4:44 A

I am a 16 and wish to be a 12.

Are you saying there is a size 5 in the shops????

RACHELM920 Posts: 94
8/4/10 8:26 P

20 - I want to be a 10 again

8/4/10 7:18 P

Size 18 - I would love to be Size 10 but will be happy with Size 12-14

8/4/10 7:18 P

Size 18 - I would love to be Size 10 but will be happy with Size 12-14

8/4/10 3:03 P

Size 12-14, I would like to get back to a 10. Three kids will wreak havoc on the hips!

RUSNELL4 Posts: 152
8/4/10 1:20 P

I'm between a 6-8 and would like to fit back into my size 3s again.

JJJMMOM1 Posts: 147
8/4/10 12:23 P

i was a 9 and now im a 7 but i still want to get to a size 5

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