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5/2/14 9:03 P

"this morning i ate the quiche and oatmeal first and that got me through - i didn't get hungry at all. so i think the key for the moment is rearranging the order i eat the foods"

That makes sense. They're the highest calorie items in your list probably, and definitely the highest in protein and fiber despite what sounded like a fair amount of sugar in the oatmeal. You may just be someone whose body is happiest getting the big boost of high-quality food right off the bat, and what comes later is less important. Congrats on getting it to work, and have no fear of further experiment if it ever stops working. Nice job. :)

KEOGHG2 Posts: 303
5/2/14 7:13 P

You have a lot of good ideas in these posts.
What I have for breakfast is 1/4 cup of all bran with 1 or 2 shredded wheat biscuits with 1 cup of 1% milk, 1 teaspoons or more of chia seeds and 1 teaspoon of sugar.

Chia seeds are filled with nutrition and absorb water, juice or liquid and keep you feeling full. You can also put these in smoothies or in your oatmeal, etc. They don't have much of a taste to me. I also bake them in cookies, bread and muffins.

Here's a site if you want to read more about them:

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4/30/14 1:40 A

I agree with what has been posted. Gotta have my protein early & often, fats too. Here is my breakfast so I can get to work on time.

Dr Andrew Lessman's SECURE complete meal replacement - 1 scoop
(now you can just add water but that's not enough for me) contains 26 vitamins & minerals, 250mg calcium & 7 grams soy protein and calories are between 70-85 per flavor
1 cup coconut, almond or soy milk - lite or regular (ck calories)
maybe a little water or some ice cubes - I usually heat the water as I don't like real cold drinks in the AM and it will help with elimination shortly after.
fruit - usually one banana (buy when cheap and freeze as soon as they ripen - I hate an overly ripe banana. Fill a large bowl with hot water, place in bowl for 1-2 minutes then peel fruit break in half & add to above). Also love 1 cup chunks of fresh or canned pineapple, or fresh or frozen berries.
*Optional - add fresh spinach or other greens like chopped kale or parsley.
Chocolate soy milk & banana is great. Coffee soy, almond milk & 1 Tblspoon cashews.
Or try the vanilla soy, coconut milk, & pineapple with a little cinnamon. Berry soy, thawed frozen mixed berries & spinach with almond milk.
If this isn't thick enough or you want more protein, try adding tofu or use tofu and skip the protein powder. I'm sure there are others that are good - I can't have dairy so can't try them to comment. For me, I know this quality product will keep me satisfied since I don't have time to cook eggs every morning.

This smoothie will hold me from 7:15am until I take my regular lunch at 1:00pm. Should I have a hungry day, a half English muffin or bagel with real butter will more than refuel me if I need it or you could have a hard boiled egg w/ V8 * a rice cake for a snack.

If you need some fat, add peanut or other nut butter, or try a teaspoon of coconut oil. Eating nuts and seeds will also help. I have been adding 1 Tblspoon of raw pepitas to my salads and love them. Flax seeds are good but don't blend very well - just sprinkle them on other foods.

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4/29/14 1:33 P

Hmmm ... if losing weight was only based on math ... a calorie is a calorie would make sense.

1,200 calories of chocolate for the day is not the same as 1,200 calories of fruits, vegetables, lean protein and low carbs.

Just my thoughts! We are all just sharing.

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4/29/14 1:25 P

'I am not the type to skip breakfast... I love breakfast! But is that essentially what I am doing by waiting so long (an hour and a half) after I wake up to eat?'

Yes, that's what you're doing. And you're just breaking your calories down into snacks instead of having a meal. It's all about the calories. If what works for you, calorie-wise, is what you doing, but you could eat the same things in one meal, then why not do that? If you tried that and it didn't work for you, then that's some information that's not been clarified.

The reason you snack is more important. It's called snacking, but it's also spreading your breakfast throughout the morning without really giving you enough at any one time to feel satisfied. So, why aren't you just eating all those things at once?

I can think of one reason - rushing to get ready in the morning, getting out the door, commuting, wanting to have little rewards throughout the morning until you get to lunch, when those rewards help relieve stress at the workplace. Those are just some things that come to mind. I'd focus on that picture and then - if you have a Danish or a bowl or fruit or a bowl of oatmeal, or leftovers heated up in the microwave from last night's supper - they are still just calories that get figured in your day's limit.You don't have to eat the same thing every morning (and maybe you wouldn't) of maybe eating the same thing every morning would work for you. Look at the whole picture.

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4/29/14 12:58 P

I am one who does not like a big breakfast so eating a snack 2-3 hours later is part of my day.

I wake up, exercise, shower and then eat within one hour of waking up. My morning snack is within 2-3 hours after breakfast.

I have never known peanut brittle to be a healthy food. It's candy in my house and a sugar rush for sure.

4/29/14 12:56 P

The common theme here is more protein, less sugar. You don't need veggies or a blender or pre-made foods or anything else to accomplish that. If rearranging the order in which you eat doesn't keep you full, you might try these suggestions.

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4/29/14 11:23 A

well... those are not bad suggestions, except that i don't like veggies - no lentils or beans or chickpeas for me! it is a struggle even to put the spinach into the quiche and smoothie and the peas in the smoothie...

but i have been thinking about buying some peanut butter and eating it with the banana...

nirerin suggested eating more quiches - but I really can't afford that. also, i don't have a working blender to blend the raisins...

this morning i ate the quiche and oatmeal first and that got me through - i didn't get hungry at all. so i think the key for the moment is rearranging the order i eat the foods

RENATARUNS SparkPoints: (4,367)
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4/29/14 10:07 A

Oh yes, I definitely agree. Sugar is most commonly the enemy of staying full on a low calorie budget. You don't necessarily have to go crazy otherwise (see my breakfast today, a couple paragraphs down), but just replacing most of your sugar calories with other things will likely make a huge difference. Increasing calories overall might also be helpful, but you'll have to experiment with that.

As for peanut brittle, my mother-in-law makes a thing that is about 90% peanuts with just a little salt and other seasonings, with only enough sugar syrup to glue it all together. It's still a sweet IMO,but a reasonable one, and maybe the OP is describing something like that instead of the more common stuff (which I had honestly forgotten existed). Regardless, it is likely not suitable for a standalone snack in the face of hunger.

My breakfast this morning was another weird one. Three idlis (a small steamed rice/lentil 'cake') and two small veggie pakoras (deep fried vegetable chunks in chickpea flour batter). At a guess, 600 calories -- probably high for most people actively losing weight, but not necessarily by that much -- and high in starch and lowish in protein (and definitely low on vegetables) compared to my ideal ratios for a full day. But zero sugar other than the minute amounts in each of the raw ingredients. It's been three hours since I ate, with 90 minutes left until lunch, and I feel great and will continue to until the next meal. I would not be able to say the same if the 600 calories came from sweetened oatmeal with raisins, an egg, and a fruit yogurt, for instance.

It really does make a difference. So give it a try, and maybe increase and condense calories overall, and see how it goes. You'll likely feel better.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,234
4/29/14 8:59 A

you need to eat less sugar. the sugar in fruits doesn't peak you as high or dump you as quickly as plain table sugar, but it does the same thing if you don't balance it out with protein and fat. and you're not balancing it out with protein and fat. and seven hours is quite a long time to ask of such little meals.
start by cutting out the not raisin sugar in the oatmeal. do it 1/4 teaspoon at a time if you need to, but do it. it will be one of the best things you've ever done. you might also want to try blending up the raisins and stirring them in so that you get a sweeter oatmeal but without adding more sugar. making the most of the sugar you're already eating if you will. consider adding an egg when you cook it to boost the protein or fat, or consider adding canned pumpkin for some additional bulk and flavor that isn't sugar. a lot of people like adding peanut butter and banana to oatmeal as well. peruse the recipe section for some other slightly heartier oatmeal concoctions and you'll likely find an option that's just as tasty as what you're using right now but with more fat and protein and less sugar.
the quiche is also a tiny portion. it's roughly 1-2 eggs and 1 Tablespoon of cheese and maybe 1/6 cup of vegetables? i'd suggest figuring out a way to get at least a serving of veg [1/2 cup] if not two in and at least 1-2 eggs in. the vegetables are going to add a lot of bulk for not a lot of calories. i don't know if that would involve buying larger muffin tins or just eating three of the mini quiches instead of one, but the quiche sounds like a volume issue.
a half cup of smoothie is 8 Tablespoons. most of the protein you're getting comes from yogurt. a Tablespoon of yogurt is 12.5% of your smoothie. and since you're getting flavored yogurt, it's likely got some added sugar in there. so about 7/8 of your smoothie is just sugar. it might win on the vitamin and mineral front, but if you look at the full nutritional info compared to a candy bar it's not going to be far off. fruit's good and tasty and nutritious, but it tends to lack protein and fat, particularly when you're eating it in such small quantities. scaling back the fruit and increasing the yogurt [again, being sure to pick something with the least added sugar and the most protein] will likely make this a more satisfying and lasting meal.
so eating a little bit more of slightly different foods should help you make it through those 7 hours. if cost is a big factor, try the breakfast lentils recipe that spark sent out last week. lentils tend to be quite cheap and nutritious.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
4/29/14 8:31 A

I'm wondering about the "peanut brittle" - isn't this just candy? Basically a slab of sugar with a few peanuts dotted throughout? Is there some other kind of "peanut brittle" product that has actual nutritional qualities? Where I'm from I have only ever known it to be a hard-candy product (and... one of my all time favorites, tyvm :) ).

If it is the candy stuff you are eating, that is the first thing I'd ditch from your morning routine. Way too many calories for a small amount of highly-refined sugar. It will burn off as if you'd eaten nothing at all. It's the kind of thing you eat for a treat when you have calories available and aren't otherwise hungry. Which, right now, isn't your situation. Replace it with something more sustaining - people have given good suggestions already, (yogurt, hard boiled eggs, etc.) but you could also have a big salad, some soup, hummus and veggie sticks, or any number of protein and/or fibre rich snacks that will tide you over and make the calories spent "worthwhile."

I would agree that it might be useful to rearrange the order in which you eat your foods - i.e. the more protein-rich items first thing, and the half-banana as the 10am tide-me-over snack. I definitely find it easier to manage my entire day, if i start off with give-or-take 300 calories worth of balanced (leaning to the protein side) food.

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4/29/14 8:29 A

well... i don't live in the States, so I don't have access to ready made foods - pretty much everything i eat is from scratch - though not the peanut brittle which weighs about 1-2 oz.

The oatmeal - 1/2 cup of oats, 1/8 cup of milk powder, a bit of cinnamon, 1 Tbsp raisins, and a few tsps of sugar... and the water of course!

the quiche - it is supposed to be a whole pie, but instead i put it in muffin tins so I get a dozen mini quiches out of the recipe... each one has about a Tbsp of cheese (edam), and a little mushroom, spinach, and onion

the smoothies vary and are not very large (I don't have a large budget) - they come out to about half a cup (I know, it's not that much!) - but in them there is a bit of mango, pecans, peanuts, strawberry, spinach, peas, banana, grapefruit, 1 Tbsp vanilla yogurt, apple, often there is a bit of peach as well

As for hours, I get up at 5:30 and eat around 6:30 or 7. I eat lunch a little after 12:30...

4/29/14 8:28 A

I am also an enthusiastic breakfast eater, and even eating my kind-of-big breakfasts, I have to have a snack around 10:00. That's partly because I get up at 5:30 and exercise, so I'm revved up in the mornings. I eat breakfast after exercising.

I find it essential to eat a balance of carbohydrates, protein, and fats. You don't have to get too obsessed with the ratios, but eat at least some of each. Having half a banana is great - but that banana delivers a lot of natural sugar, and when that's burned up you'll crash unless you have some protein and fat with it. Peanut butter, eggs, cheese, turkey --- something like that. If you eat a high-fiber breakfast that will also help keep you full, along with drinking plenty of fluids.

For me, this means an average breakfast is a bowl of Kashi with milk and a hard boiled egg. Then I have a half ounce of nuts later. This week I made a big batch of steel cut oats with pumpkin and raisins, and I cooked it with evaporated fat free milk instead of water to increase the protein. Adding almonds on top increases the fiber and fat. I take my breakfast very seriously, and my criteria are 1) I have to like it, 2) has to have protein, and 3) has to have fiber.

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4/29/14 8:18 A

The problem I see here is that you are grazing. That's a bad habit to get into, I know, because I did that for years as my weight went up and I am now trying to break it. I agree with those who said to eat a more substantial breakfast that includes protein, and a snack mid morning, only if you get hungry.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,234
4/29/14 8:01 A

how many calories and hours are we talking here? you getting up at 4:30 in the morning and trying to have lunch at one is a very different situation than you getting up at 7 and having lunch at 11:30. and a 50 cal mini quiche is quite a different beast than a 400 cal mini quiche. and while bananas average out around 100 cals, smoothies can start there and some of the commercially made ones are getting close to 1000.
on the low end 100 cals is only going to keep you for maybe an hour or two at the most, depending on what it is you're eating. so you have to figure that in as well. a banana four hours before lunch isn't really going to keep anyone until lunch. neither is a 150 cal quiche. so i think it's hard to say exactly what the issue is without having an idea of timing and quantity. oatmeal can be anything from those little 100 cal packs to well over 500 cals if you load it with dried fruit and nut butter or syrup. and that's without even mentioning that oatmeal just doesn't fill up some people. because what you're eating could be the issue as well. adding nuts or nut butter to the banana should help keep you fuller for longer. adding a much smaller portion of the brittle to a fuller meal should help keep you fuller longer. making sure there is some kind of fat in your smoothie should help you feel fuller longer. having vegetables in your quiche should help you feel fuller for longer. but again, so much of what you're eating is what you put in to consider it that item and you haven't spelled out what is in a smoothie/quiche/oatmeal.

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4/29/14 2:32 A

I believe in eating when hungry, rather than forcing based on the clock. I would start off with a source of protein. I like a protein soup sometimes if I don't have a big appetite.

4/28/14 1:09 P

Have you considered making a breakfast meal instead of snacks? two eggs, a piece of whole grain toast, and a cup of melon for example.

Then aim for a snack between lunch and breakfast of a piece of fruit like a pear.

RENATARUNS SparkPoints: (4,367)
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4/28/14 11:48 A

There's absolutely nothing wrong with planning to eat more in the morning, either as your breakfast or as breakfast and a snack or snacks. There's even recent evidence (take with a grain of salt as with all such studies) that people who do so will find it easier to lose weight -- even on the same calories -- than people who eat little or nothing until lunch.

As for me, I have been known to make it the whole morning on nothing but a banana and feel OK doing it, but it's definitely not my preference. If my breakfast itself is small, as it often is, I will typically have a sizable snack later on. And I've done just fine with that.

The "what" of what you are eating (as opposed to amounts) looks OK except that if you are having hunger issues at a given time of day you are probably best off avoiding the most sugary/starchy foods in your daily routine at that time. So by all means have the banana and the peanut brittle if you like them and can fit them in (assuming the peanut brittle's not too ridiculously high in sugar to have often, of course), but you may be more comfortable if you eat them as part of a later meal or snack instead of by themselves in the morning, and instead add a lot of bulk in the form of veggies. Don't be afraid to experiment. Some people find oatmeal greatly filling; others find it's like they've eaten nothing at all. (That'd be me!) Some people find plain or minimally sweetened yogurt unhelpful first thing; others find it really filling (that'd be me again). And that's just in the universe of traditional morning foods, but you don't have to limit yourself to those. I've also been known to eat a breakfast of nothing but several hundred calories' of tuna salad. (I am weird with breakfasts, don't judge! ;) ) And that's also been fine.

But yeah. Eating a substantial breakfast and a decent morning snack can be good things, so if your body is asking for that, don't be afraid to listen.

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
4/28/14 11:41 A

Well, I'm on a different dietary plan than you are, so my suggestions may not be right for you.
If I started out my day with all that sugar and carbs, I'd *NEVER* stop craving, all day.

Can you make some hard boiled eggs for snacks? I eat bacon for snacks, too. Fats will help ease hunger. How about some meat and cheese rollups? or just some of those little cheeses in shapes, or tiny wheels? I don't do peanut anything if I can avoid it... but other nut butters are great - especially on celery. Cheese dip on pork rinds (sounds unlikely, but very tasty). Small portions of nuts. Do you like protein shakes? I use a brand called Designer Whey™, which I mix in either coconut or almond milk, and they're pretty filling and healthy.

I'm sure you'll get some other good suggestions.
I hope you find the right path for you!

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
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4/28/14 11:40 A

Eelpie has some good advice. Protein and fat will keep you full longer than just carbs (even slow ones). My breakfast is a mix of full fat greek yogurt, oats, and fruit. It totals up to about 300 calories and keeps me full from 8 to lunch at 12.

I don't eat until after I work out in the morning, but I don't consider that skipping breakfast. The idea with not skipping breakfast is that you eat something within the first couple of hours of getting up and being active, not going through half the day before eating something.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
4/28/14 11:36 A

Try protein for breakfast (like eggs). The protein will help fill you up. Something like eggs with whole grain bread might fill you up for longer.

Half a banana would not fill me for more than an hour.

MALIGAL19 SparkPoints: (3,963)
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4/28/14 11:22 A

I am trying to lose/maintain my weight, but I have an issue. Every day, between morning and lunchtime I am absolutely starving! I first eat about an hour and a half after I wake up and then continue snacking through out the morning. These are healthy snacks: smoothie, mini quiche, oatmeal, peanut brittle, half a banana...

So I think I am answering my question while I write this. What I usually eat first is the half a banana, and then I eat every hour or hour and a half until lunch... should I eat the oatmeal and mini quiche first, and then only eat the other things if I get hungry? But, even if I eat the oatmeal and quiche partway through the morning, I feel like that should fill me up till lunch.

I am not the type to skip breakfast... I love breakfast! But is that essentially what I am doing by waiting so long (an hour and a half) after I wake up to eat?

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