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SIMONEKP Posts: 2,617
11/11/13 5:06 P

muscle milk

11/11/13 12:32 P

okay I found the description of the hormone free low carb whey protein powder

All Natural Whey also contains 1g of L-Glutamine

Glutathione is a major antioxidant and supports immune health.

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TAMARAST1974 SparkPoints: (20,629)
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10/31/13 12:16 P

I like Herbalife, there products have been very easy for me to use

KKKAREN Posts: 12,753
10/31/13 10:34 A

I usually get my recommended amount everyday with, meat, beans, eggs and milk. I've never tried a protein powder.

DELLA81156 Posts: 201
10/30/13 8:50 P

I need extra protein I my diet. . .My hair really needs mending with protein and vitamins, minerals. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

10/30/13 4:32 P

hormone free.... whey protein and also the antioxidant glutathione
which recycles other antioxidants

here is a good article by dotor MErcola about protein powder

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LSANGANGE SparkPoints: (10,484)
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10/30/13 4:12 P

Thanks Jazz....I am not a "sweets" person, so those savory products looks awesome! Will try them out

CSKIES1 SparkPoints: (62,418)
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Posts: 2,637
10/30/13 3:22 P

EAS chocolate

10/30/13 1:56 P

Country Life 100% Organic Whey Protein Nutrition Beverage. So far it is the only one I have purchased.

10/30/13 1:40 P

I love protein powder. I don't always like eating breakfast, and I find a quick protein shake a much better option than not eating at all.

I like Unjury:

Mostly because is dissolves more completely than any other protein powder I've found. It also comes in two savory flavors, cheese sauce (to put ON food, not eat separate), and chicken soup.

MLANCE1 SparkPoints: (3,628)
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10/29/13 10:31 A

I used to drink the Pure Protein Frosty Chocolate protein powder from Walmart and it tasted great and had low carbs but then I started worrying if I was eating too much processed foods so now I make my own. I use 8 ounces of Silk Almond Milk(30 calories), 2 tablespoons dark chocolate cocoa powder(20 calories), 3 packs of Splenda(0 calories), and 1/2 cup of liquid eggs(60 calories). This taste rich and creamy, has a ton of protein, very few carbs and calories, and taste GREAT!!

DAVIDJACKSON01 SparkPoints: (126)
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Posts: 42
10/29/13 2:17 A

I don't require protein powder, I find sufficient protein in my diet.

WHICHDIRECTION SparkPoints: (53)
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Posts: 12
10/29/13 12:44 A

Healthy Chef
I try to get my protein from my diet but sometimes if just doesn't work out that way.
I like this one because it has none of the fillers like skim milk solids plus I really like the recipes and other info on the site.

LSANGANGE SparkPoints: (10,484)
Fitness Minutes: (9,045)
Posts: 242
10/28/13 6:41 P

I use Vanilla Body Fortress and either make a Banana/Peanut Butter Smoothie or I just add a scoop to my Tea.

MARYLIZ54120 Posts: 370
10/27/13 8:11 P

I use Isagenix. Not cheap, but I love it.

SIMPLYME80 Posts: 406
10/26/13 9:56 P

None. They upset my stomach so i prefer to get enough protien from food.

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,337)
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Posts: 2,489
10/26/13 5:24 P

I don't need protein powder, I get enough protein in my diet. Honestly, the only time I can see protein powders being a necessary dietary supplement is for vegans/vegetarians. Otherwise if you're not getting enough protein in your diet, I would reassess that particular diet and balance it out better. If your protein is indeed low, it's likely you are too high in another macronutrient.

I powerlift and do general strength training and don't require anymore than 75g-117g which isn't hard to get unless you don't eat meat and/or dairy.

If I am low on protein, which is rare. As MichelleXXXX suggested, an egg white omelette with veg adds lots of protein for few calories and loads cheaper. :)

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MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (11,728)
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10/26/13 2:36 P

Powdered eggs or egg whites are the only ones I would recommend.

LUCASMOM2003 SparkPoints: (45,806)
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Posts: 1,670
10/26/13 2:17 P

I took a chance and bought Walgreens whey powder thats under their vitamin line. ITs good in milk, you can use it in water. I add it to my food that it would taste good in pudding, and anything else you can think of. I also have Vanilla whey powder too!

10/26/13 12:38 A
and this is a recipie I got here at sp

10/26/13 12:35 A

had a smoothie for before swimming with berries... protein whey powder..avocado and some banana... instead of dinner because going swimming I didn't want a big meal and I have been low in protein last few days... this is not what I do everyday but sometimes.

10/26/13 12:32 A

organic chocolate whey protein low carb..more info to follow

10/25/13 9:28 P

I love this stuff called Whey Cooler, it was juice-like and although had the protein smell but didn't have that weird after taste.
It's ice tea, peach and raspberry. Really good. I haven't been able to find it recently though, so i fear they may have stopped making it. Which is a shame because it was so good.

SHARBEAR100 Posts: 107
10/25/13 6:58 P

It's hard to find one that tastes good! I got lucky and the first one I tried was Designer Whey. I don't love it, but it tastes much better than the others I've tried. I mix the Double Chocolate with water and drink it alone. I use the vanilla when I'm making a smoothie with fruit in it. I initially chose this one because it's all protein, no carbs. I get enough carbs from food! I use this when I need to add more protein to my day, or if I'm making a breakfast smoothie. It would be nice if there was a cheaper way to taste them than buying a whole container. I took a chance on a large bag of something different from Costco a few months ago and I just can't stand it. I wish I could give it to someone who could use it, because I won't drink it. They tried too hard to make it taste chocolatey, (is that a word?) but I don't like it. I'll be watching this to see what other people recommend.

10/25/13 3:21 P

We get this question often.
The first thing I ask is....Are you tracking your food intake? How much protein are you getting most days? Are you within your SP range?

If so, there is no benefit to using a supplement. And it becomes a waste of your money and additional calories to your diet.

If you are low, and need a little boost...then your product would be determined by food allergies, and how you plan to use the supplement. Do you want something to add to smoothies, muffins, casseroles, etc...then get a non-flavored variety. Or are you looking for shake style product.

If you are really low on protein---then you need to look more closely at your food choices for you are probably not only low on protein; but other vital nutrients as well.

your SP Registered Dietitian

-LIVE- SparkPoints: (81)
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10/25/13 2:13 P

why is it your favorite? have you had any experience or knowledge about finding a good one?

i am looking for one preferably that is decently priced, has low sugar, and actually tastes good! :)

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