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5/18/13 2:27 A

The two main things to watch for in overdoing it are injuries, like overuse injuries, or doing so much that your body can't recover in between workouts (overtraining).

For example:

Here is an interesting read by a cycling coach talking about training for *really* long rides:

I know that sounds pretty extreme, but the same general type of problems (injuries and overtraining) will happen to different people at different points. It is why people who know the most about problems always say to increase exercise slowly and be careful of injuries.

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5/18/13 12:09 A

I don't think there is really such a thing as "too much" exercise. The issues really are:

* doing too much, too soon; or
* not eating enough to support your needs.

As long as you ramp things up gradually, and eat within your recommended range, the levels in your post should be fine!

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5/17/13 12:41 P

It doesn't sound too much to me - but why are you asking? Do YOU think it's too much? Because then it's too much.

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5/17/13 10:28 A

It doesn't sound like too much to me. Let your body be your guide - how you feel.

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5/17/13 10:07 A

Make sure you're not burning yourself out as well. I know I sometimes get excited at the beginning of a new workout routine and do it so much that I get sick of it later on, or hurt myself from overexertion. Just something to keep in mind.

It sounds like you're on the right track! Good luck!

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5/17/13 8:15 A

As long as you have no health issues preventing you from engaging in physical activity and you enjoy it, of course not. Just make sure you're eating enough to sustain a more physically active lifestyle. You can go to your fitness setup and enter the amount of calories you burn per week and Spark will adjust your calorie range. I often do my regular hour to hour and a half workout and then do a walk or hike for an hour, two or more in the same day.

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5/17/13 8:10 A

I just started walking 2 months ago and really like it, I usually walk 2 to 3 miles a day, and some days after that I do either a cardio workout or just a plan workout. Is this too much?

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