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EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
4/5/14 11:50 A

"Diet" in current usage, already implies failure. It's a thing people adopt briefly for an arbitrary goal, and then go back to a previous way of eating. Sort of defeats the whole purpose.

Healthy eating, and "diet" used in that context (as was already noted: "what you eat") IS a lifestyle. You have to change your understanding and relationship with food. If you do that, you're going to have success which will last. Those changes can be challenging at first if you've never known a healthy relationship with nutrition. Once you get there, though, you'll wonder how you ever ate any previous way.

RIET69 SparkPoints: (47,087)
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4/5/14 9:07 A

For me diets have never worked. I think because in my mind a diet ends at some point and at that point I started gaining the weight I had shed. A life time change for me was when I chose to get to love and eat healthier foods that would give me lots of nutrition and energy and would fill me up. So when I went out for dinner last night with 7 friends and most of them ordered fish fry, it was no sacrifice for me to choose the baked fish with a small side of pasta and sauce. I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner as did my friends theirs. It was not easy at first, but once I started thinking of fried foods as grease sponges, it was very easy. Good luck on your journey

GIPPER1961 Posts: 765
4/5/14 8:51 A

Personally I think the word diet has gotten a bad rap. If you read any diet book you get the framework of healthy eating according to that plan. Using the designed framework then you apply it to your own life.

Every diet plan has a couple of commonalities, don't eat (or cut down)junk and specifically cut down on sugar. From there it is just proportions. Some call for more fat and less carbs, some call for less fat and more carbs, but that decision is your based on your life style and your preferences.

People get healthy on every mainstream diet plan. people also fail on e very diet plan. It is up the each of us to determine what can work for our lives. Sometimes it isn't easy. I have been "on a diet" since I was eight over forty years. It was just last year that I figured out what worked best for me.

No diet has a police force. if you change up a couple of things along the way no one will arrest you. If it works for you do it. If you lose weight and your health numbers get better, it is working.

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NIRERIN Posts: 14,249
4/5/14 8:00 A

the primary definition of diet is actually what one eats. so actually anything that you eat becomes part of your diet because you ate it.
nitpicking aside, track how you're eating for a few days. this will help you identify where you're having a problem. once you see where you need to make improvements, start making little changes. we have a family recipe that called for two sticks of butter. the whole recipe made 9 servings. by seeing that one little serving was a whole lot of calories and most of those calories were coming from butter, i found i could leave out a stick and a half of butter and save almost 150 cals per serving and i couldn't even taste the difference. if you cook in two teaspoons of oil instead of 1 Tablespoon, you'll save 40 cals. cook in one teaspoon of oil instead of a Tablespoon and you'll save 80 cals.
in other words by tracking you figure out where all the big numbers are coming from and find ways to change what you're eating so that those big numbers get smaller. so instead of having a cup of rice as the side to your dinner, have a half cup or 3/4 cup of rice with a half cup of broccoli or cauliflower. instead of having three pieces of pizza for dinner, have two pieces and a small salad or steamed vegetable. instead of having a bagel breakfast sandwich with eggs and bacon and a slice of cheese you could have a hardboiled egg with an apple and a piece of cheese. or you could add spinach/peppers/mushroom/onion/broccoli/sq
uash to your eggs and have those on a bagel thin with a half slice of cheese. perhaps have half the bacon you had before with it if you like. instead of having sausage with pasta and cream sauce have sausage with peppers and onions. if you like potato/pasta salad or coleslaw, try a vinegar based dressing instead of a mayo based one. little changes like that tweak what you're already eating to more easily fit into the ranges that you need to be eating in.
you may also find that some of the foods that you already love and eat just happen to be lower calorie than others. eat those foods that you already like more frequently and the higher calorie foods less frequently.

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,365
4/5/14 7:37 A

what is a lifestyle change with overeating?

The only way I know of not overeating is to track your food and get familiar with what a serving size is. You can control hunger cravings by eating healthy and limiting processed foods, starch carbs, and sugar...but you still need to watch how much you eat even of the healthy stuff.

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4/4/14 5:47 P

I too was an overeater but I have learned I feel just as full if not fuller by eating much better foods.. I don't eat any foods that are left anymore I put them in containers in my refrigerator so I can have them for lunch or even dinner another day.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
4/3/14 12:52 P

I look at it like this...A diet is something I go on to lose 8 pounds for a wedding so I can fit into that snazzy red dress.

A lifetsyle change is how I keep the weight off...for life, so I don't have to keep dieting over and over and over again.

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4/3/14 12:41 P

Sounds like you have the definition of a lifestyle change already defined--making changes that you will be using for the rest of your life.

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4/3/14 12:40 P

I feel the same way about diets. What seems to work for me is the changes that I have made in what I buy and what I eat. I read that the best way to grocery shop is to shop the perimeter of the store with all the fresh ingredients. That is now what I do. I also make a list so I know exactly what I am buying when I go to the store. This has worked wonders for me. I had a big problem of eating in the evening,which meant chips and stuff for me. I no longer buy them, I find that if they aren't around I don't seem to miss them much. I have also started making some foods in bigger batches so I will have some for all week. And I have tried some really good recipes from spark. These are just a few tips that worked for me. Remember, you are not alone, there is always someone there for you on spark. Good luck on your journey.

4/3/14 12:38 P

diets are for short term, that's for sure.
Good luck!

DEIDREALLEN SparkPoints: (1,620)
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4/3/14 12:10 P

Diets don't work for me anymore. I am learning that I have to make changes that will be for the long-term.

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