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what have u learned about food or food choices?

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Posts: 4,930
4/19/13 4:44 P

I used to concentrate on weight management from a holistic viewpoint; intuitive eating, a little Ayurveda, both medical and non-medical hocus-pocus.

Early in this century, I'd discovered--and finally internalized--portion control .. and taking portion "distortion" down a notch, but in stages. I'd been weighing close to 200 lbs. at the time. You don't starve a large body that has to move and be active, and take care of their own household.

I would lurk and even contribute to, the Weight Watchers message boards and on the old-school newsgroups. I had never been a member of Weight Watchers either brick & mortar or online - since the mid 1980s ... but it's never too late to grab free publicly disclosed information ...

Now, I'm diabetic and my weight has plummeted down to 132 pounds, some of it is diet and micromanaging everything I eat ... particularly, I cannot have any bread--and very little fruit!!

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Posts: 651
4/19/13 3:32 P

I've actually learned a lot from reading "diet" books, eventhough I've never actually bought into or followed any one plan (I have a family member who will buy ANYTHING that says it will help you lose weight, so I've read Atkins/The Zone/Perricone/South Beach/Eat Clean and many more). I find that each plan usually has some bits of well researched science behind it that can add to our knowledge of how our bodies handle certain food. And while I don't think that any one of these diets is the magic cure, I feel more informed on the myriad theories that are out there.

Posts: 2,481
4/19/13 3:15 P

learned a lot about micronutirents

SparkPoints: (47,087)
Fitness Minutes: (11,285)
Posts: 3,116
4/19/13 11:34 A

I have learned about portions and while I still eat unlimited amounts of some foods, I don't of others. Eg. big bowl of salad with dinner fills me up.

Posts: 14,602
4/19/13 6:14 A

that healthy food actually does have a taste of its own and that taste is, usually, delicious.

SparkPoints: (7,910)
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Posts: 139
4/18/13 11:40 P

I've learned that it's critical to know what a serving *should* be and then weigh my food so that I can track it. It's illuminating!

SparkPoints: (3,439)
Fitness Minutes: (1,708)
Posts: 214
4/18/13 11:06 P

I learned that I didn't like vegetables growing up because they were not cooked well. I still can't stand salty, mushy peas or green beans from a can, but don't mind them fresh stir fried with a little olive oul and garlic. I still don't like cooked carrots of any type (too sweet) but don't mind them raw.

SparkPoints: (45,853)
Fitness Minutes: (12,977)
Posts: 886
4/18/13 10:49 P

I have learned that just because you are in your calorie range it takes special planning for me to be within the right carbs protein fats and other options I track. I find it difficult to have most of it match up.

SparkPoints: (15,181)
Fitness Minutes: (9,080)
Posts: 970
4/18/13 10:13 P

OMG! I just learned, that substituting gluten free bread, low sodium and low fat cheese slice...has more fat than the regular about regrouping hmmm. emoticon

Posts: 5,070
4/18/13 5:27 P

I continue to learn every day. I don't use the meal plans nor the tracker really. But i do know the importance of knowing what goes in my mouth on a daily basis.

SparkPoints: (2,358)
Fitness Minutes: (465)
Posts: 92
4/18/13 4:47 P

The biggest thing for me is I actually enjoy cooking. I love seeing my 3 year old gobble up some home-cooked goodness, and I love the fact that it's not fastfood anymore.

I've come to really enjoy almost all veggies, cooked many different ways.

Most of all, my food choices have made a substantial difference in the way that I feel. I very rarely have that lethargic feeling anymore and have much more energy throughout the day!

SparkPoints: (15,605)
Fitness Minutes: (120)
Posts: 2,171
4/18/13 4:04 P

The biggest thing I learned was how to allocate calories. I've always been a food person, and I actually knew a lot about nutrition and healthy eating before I got started... but, like most folks, I always struggled with portions and eating the right things. I'm a numbers person, so it helped me to think of my daily calorie allotment as my budget, and the calories themselves as money.

For example, when I had 1400 calories a day to "spend" I quickly realized that "spending" 200 calories on a piece of chicken was going to keep me a lot more satisfied than spending 200 calories on a couple slices of bread, or on a cookie from the bakery. Looking at it that way really helped me to figure things out.

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SparkPoints: (1,163)
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Posts: 244
4/18/13 3:50 P

I am asking this because I have learned a lot over the past few months about better food choices and what works for me. When I started here about 2 years ago, I never looked at labels, didnt know what to look for, or how to make what I liked healthier and pick better choices. I didnt really start getting serious until late last year about my health.

A lot now is still better food choices and comparing labels, doing research to figure out what works for me and my needs helps a lot also. I feel like I am going somewhere that could last the rest of my life, healthy habits not just some short term thing to lose weight. I have seen changes in what I like too or eat a lot. Processed foods taste different and what I enjoyed before just isnt the same kind of satisfaction or taste. Gradually switching to more natural foods and flavors naturally occuring in foods has helped a lot. Trying different cooking methods for foods I didnt like plus a different flavor all together has helped a lot.

The biggest things that have helped are figuring out what works for me, comparing labels of similar products is VERY helpful, and prepping food or having healthy options if I leave early or stay late. Overall its a lot of little changes, that have added up to big differences in some ways. What is everyone elses experience or story with food and making changes or struggles? I love to hear other peoples stories :)

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