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URHERE Posts: 482
3/24/10 6:29 P

Get a whole artichoke and cook it.

Cut off stem and small lower leaves; cut off very top; put in pan with water halfway up.

Bring to boil, turn down to simmer, cook for 30-40 min.

Eat by pulling leaves off and skimming inside bottom flesh off each leaf with your teeth.

I think they taste awesome with no flavorings/dressing.

When the leaves get too small/thin to scrape, pull them off, scoop out the hairy middle, and eat the base.

KLEEXAZN Posts: 88
3/24/10 6:21 P

They're kind of like brussel sprouts in my opinion.
I don't suggest getting them canned though because they're mushy and just...yuck.
Fresh is always better!

OPUSEVA Posts: 1,322
3/24/10 5:35 P

The closest thing I can think of is avocado - kind of a creamy, mild "green" flavor.

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3/24/10 4:50 P

I wholeheartedly agree with LCBAMC.

I LOVE artichokes, love them, love them.

But I cannot stand the ones in jars, the marinated artichoke hearts. They're so mushy and bland. Ick. I pick them out of everything when I can't avoid them in the first place.

Now, you get a whole artichoke, cook that up ... THAT is delicious. It has a smooth, buttery texture. Hard to describe the flavor, but it's delicious ... especially if you don't drown it in oil and spices and who knows what else most restauarants do that makes you taste the "stuff" and not the artichoke.

MMM yummy!!

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DOWNTOWN02 Posts: 4,514
3/24/10 4:47 P

Def don't get marinated. i would get the ones in just water :)

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DOWNTOWN02 Posts: 4,514
3/24/10 4:46 P

Canned ones are AMAZING.. i add them to whole wheat pasta with marinara, capers, lemon juice and fresh tasty and great for u.. hard to say what they taste em and try em out.. kinda pickly i guess??? get canned with NO OIL tho!

Be the turtle. It's not about how fast you go--You're training for life. Just keep moving forward.
LCBAMC SparkPoints: (0)
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3/24/10 4:43 P

Just a note there is a large difference between cooked whole artichoke and the hearts you buy in the store.

I suggested marinated for a first timer for flavor reasons - that's your choice. If you do go with marinated wash the oil off and try - you get the flavor without all the fat.

RUTHKB2 Posts: 134
3/24/10 4:37 P

I generally don't like vegetables, but I like artichokes. I don't think they are bitter or sour as much as broccoli can be, but beyond that I'm not sure how to explain what they taste like. : ) I like getting canned artichoke hearts--slightly less expensive than a whole artichoke, depending on the season.

LYNN0488 Posts: 878
3/24/10 4:37 P

thanks! i think ill have to pick up a can or jar next time i go shopping...trying to branch out in the healthy foods arena lol

3/24/10 4:33 P

They taste like artichokes. :)

Don't buy a jar of marinated ones, buy a jar or can of artichoke hearts packed in water. That way you'll taste the actual artichoke and not the marinade. Those won't taste quite as good as cooking a whole one yourself and eating the whole thing, but that can be intimidating for somene who doesn't even know if she'll like the flavor.

For me, they are hands down my absolutely favorite food.

LCBAMC SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 152
3/24/10 4:30 P

You'll have to try one. Buy a small jar of marinated and taste for yourself. It has a distinct flavor that can't be described well.

LYNN0488 Posts: 878
3/24/10 4:28 P

I keep seeing recipes that sound good that use artichokes...but what do they taste like? I dont want to waste money if they are gross lol.

ive had them before once in an artichoke dip on bread, but there was so much cheese and cream in that dip thats all i tasted...

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