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12/31/12 11:10 A

stay away from caffeine! It only makes things worse.

don't know about the heating pad thing either because using one did seem to help me. I even used those heat patches you can stick to your clothes on days when I was working or had to be out & about.

feel better

ps - I love the surgeon who did my hysterectomy! BEST surgery ever

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12/31/12 10:51 A

thanks guys for the support. I have always had bad cramps but strangely they have gotten better as I have gotten older! They used to be so bad that I would miss school and just lay in a childs pose position in the bed. I doubt that was the answer though because moving around helps greatly. I do know that I CRAVE milk. What could this mean? I will go through several 2 gallons over a few days.

I need to try the yogurt and fruit thing!!! For me the heating pad does help. thats interesting that in some cases it does not. I had exploritory surgery when I was really young to check for endodimetreosis however they did not find anything :( I was actually hoping they would so the pain and amount I bleed could be treated. I'm not really sure what TOO MUCH bleeding is but when I was younger I would bleed through my clothes within less than an hour. When i was at school this was horribly embarrassing.

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12/30/12 11:14 P

I practically live off yogurt and bananas when I have cramps (and I get pretty bad cramps.) The yogurt might be just a comfort thing, but bananas have a lot of potassium in them, which is supposedly good for cramps. I don't know about the heating pad thing, heating pad has always helped me a bit (not much though).

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12/30/12 8:16 P

I used to get the most debilitating cramps. I mean, so bad where I would miss school and call into work because I could barely move. I have had two kids, and contractions weren't as bad as the cramps that I used to get.

When I started to stop eating chocolate, drinking lots of water and herbal tea, avoiding a lot of sugar-I started getting less cramps. If I did get them, they were tolerable. Taking 800mg every 8 hours WITH FOOD starting a couple days before my period was expected helped too, but I'm now at the point that I really don't need to do that. Eating vegetables, lots of raw, fresh veggies-actually does a lot more good than you'd think. If you really need sweet-go with tangerines, oranges, apples, pineapple, fruity yogurt if you like it...Even canned fruit salad in lite syrup is okay. Not great-but better than junk food. If I crave pickles, I will drink a little vinegar because too much sodium and I'm floored. Weird? Maybe but whatever. It works for me. It may not necessarily LOOK appealing, but there is soooo much less guilt "overeating" with vegetables and fruit.

If it IS really bad, I do recommend you speak to your ob/gyn and ask her about homeopathic ways to rid yourself of cramps.

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12/30/12 7:03 P

whatever u do don't use a heating pad!!!!! I had very bad endometriosis and every person I ever talked to (use to work at a OB/GYN office) who had it all said they used a heating pad and I think it has something to do with it...
Have you been checked for endometriosis????????? maybe you should be checked..... You get SEVERE cramps with that..

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12/30/12 4:06 P

thanks for those ideas! I like the greek yogurt idea!! usually baked goods or something easy to prepare that feels fattening. I do like banana pudding so am thinking of ommitting the nilla wafers and getting sugar free fat free pudding ..light coolwhip...and just mixing that together :)

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12/30/12 3:48 P

I usually crave salty foods not sweets at that time.
Are you craving candy, baked goods, or cold creamy desserts?

What about Greek yogurt with a little honey and frozen fruit added?
Chocolate dipped fruit (frozen banana pops)? Fruit with a peanut butter or yogurt dip?
fruit crisp
homemade fruit slush or popsicles
sugar-free gelatin
sweet potatoes

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12/30/12 3:38 P

I am so glad I don't have that problem

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12/30/12 3:25 P

I suffer from horrible cramps every month. Even with ibuprofen. This is the hardest time of the entire month that I try not to binge. I have not been successful the past few months :( Normally, I CRAVE sugar. Fruit, vegetables, etc does NOT look appealing.

I'm wondering what "mock" or "healthy" SWEET tasting food you make to help with cramps when they hit. Any ideas greatly appreciated.

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