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1/11/13 10:33 P

Great question! That's what we are here for. Here is a great article that explains what you can do with your points:

It is fun and motivating to give and receive Spark Goodies.

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They are for incentives - virtual incentives. As I rack up the days points, I KNOW I have read & learned more things to help me on my way. I KNOW I have tracked my water & my food, which is a MUST to a healthier me. I KNOW I have done my cardio and or exercises for the day. I KNOW I have helped someone else along the way. After you have collected points, you can "GIVE" virtual gifts to other spark members to celebrate their accomplishments, give them an incentive or support, or pat yourself on the back by giving yourself something. Sometimes when you spin the wheel, you can win actual prizes - such as a Spark People T-shirt. I believe there is a place on here that describes the point system and what you can do with them - maybe on the actual SparkPoints page? not sure.

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I'm just wondering what we do with these bonuses, wheel points, trophies, etc? I'm new to the group so I don;t know all the ins and outs.

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