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TACDGB Posts: 6,136
10/10/11 4:25 P

I have been told by others that I have a loving giving heart.

MMEEAAGG Posts: 723
10/10/11 3:24 P

I write. :) My writing helps people. Currently writing a book on conquering OCD. Good stuff!

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
10/10/11 2:47 P

i think i have a beautiful heart and with that heart i try to make a difference in someone's life... taking the time to listen, telling someone you believe in them, calling them and not texting. I think this society is becoming robots, nothing hits people's hearts anymore.... no one wants to talk, they'd rather text or play with their phones.... giving someone your time , listening is becoming obsolete, it's a shame!

CIVIAV SparkPoints: (66,367)
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10/10/11 9:28 A

What a question, it really makes me think and I'm getting edgy as I think... Hmmm, my sense of anxiety?

I bring a sense of appreciation for another best and it makes others feel great! And I am finding a reservoir of strength to strive and push beyond my limits.

GATSBYGAL SparkPoints: (0)
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10/10/11 2:44 A

I say "please" and "thank you" to everybody. Apparently this is weird? A few weeks ago, the drive-thru guy at Burger King said, "Are you always this nice?" after I thanked him for handing me my soda and a straw. I was kind of taken aback. He must've been accustomed to nasty or indifferent behavior. I think a lot of people are used to that. I like to be different and smile at everyone. I'm always patient and never rude - being rude gets you absolutely nowhere with people.

SPMOM2 Posts: 5,754
10/10/11 2:16 A

I appreciate the uniqueness in everyone.

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (447,083)
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10/10/11 12:30 A

I try and do a good deed for someone every single day.

JUDYAMK SparkPoints: (27,266)
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10/10/11 12:00 A

I listen to the person that is talking & do not blow them off. I try to help them if they have an issue. I meet so many people that have no idea how they can go about getting the help they need in their particular situation, I am a listener, a helper to others. When I have bad days I reflect back to the people that I have helped & seen the sincere gratefulness in their eyes. .then my day is not so bad after all.

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