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1/23/14 11:21 A

I like Quest Bars for convenience. They are a protein bar that is fairly clean, no saturated fats, very low sugar and have a decent amount of fiber and protein. Each has 170-190 calories and will satisfy me for several hours. Love them for long plane rides, car trips, etc. I try not to eat more than one per week though because to me its still a processed food and I prefer to get my nutrition from whole foods.

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
1/22/14 1:43 P

Luckily, the plan I'm on, I simply don't get hungry all that much. If I'm not sure when I'll be able to get home, I'll sometimes take some cracklins or jerky, string (or other) cheese, maybe a small container of nuts. Sometimes I've made up some little meat-n-cheese rollups. And I'm never without my stand-by PowerAde Zero, since (in many cases) I just want something to drink with a bit of flavour in it.

But if it's just to go to the grocery, no matter how long I expect to be out, there's plenty of options there! While they're not on my usual plan, I've picked up some of those little fruit or veggie packs - carrots with dip, celery with dip or peanut butter... apple slices. That usually is plenty to hold me for the day, until I get home to "real food".

1/22/14 1:20 P

you specified in your post "nothing that needs to be warmed up" ... *but* if you get a good quality thermal container, it will keep foods (if not hot) then at least warm for a few hours

when I had a job, I had such and could enjoy oatmeal, chili, soup, whatever a few hours after getting to work

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1/21/14 8:36 P

string cheese
whole wheat crackers
single serve peanut butter
Kind Bars
greek yogurt

1/21/14 7:17 P

Water, beef jerky, flaked unsweetened coconut, cut up vegetables and an apple can usually be found in my purse.

MANDYJ73 Posts: 310
1/21/14 5:14 P

I usually have a protein shake with me.

1/21/14 4:29 P

Thanks for all the great ideas! I packed a lunchbag with string cheese, hard boiled eggs, fiber one bar, 100 calorie pack snack, and a banana. I made it all day without driving through McDonalds! LOL

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
1/21/14 12:44 P

crisp veggies

NIRERIN Posts: 14,234
1/21/14 8:30 A

if you're already in the grocery store, see what options they have grab and go. odds are there will be premade sushi, salads, fruit and yogurt parfaits, fruit salad, hardboiled eggs, single serve containers of yogurt, soup, fruit and cheese plates, rotisserie chicken, and sandwiches.
i love my thermos funtainer. it's 10oz, wide mouthed and keeps foods hot or cold for 5 hours. having a container like that will really open up your options to most anything.
in my bag i keep at least three of the following at all times: applesauce or pearsauce [the little single serve packages that you would pack in a lunchbox], fruit cups in their own juices, granola bars, cheese or pb and cracker packs, fruit leather or snacks, crackers, raisins [i buy the big box and portion them out into little containers in 1oz portions. so much cheaper than buying them in the little boxes], trail mix, nuts [again, i buy the big container and portion them out into small tupperware/glad containers], dried fruits or veggies [the just tomatoes brand is my favorite], or the individual servings of shelf stable nut butters or hummus. this makes it easy to grab a little cheese or fruit or yogurt or cut up veggies or some other perishable item and make a substantial snack or two as needed [i live out of my car for work]. since all of those things are shelf stable, they can sit there for months if i plan better and pack a full perishable lunch, but i can eat them as a decent lunch if i need to.

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1/21/14 5:44 A

apples oranges and cherry or grape tomatoes

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1/21/14 3:26 A

I always carry some gluten free snacks on me - kale chips with pumpkin seeds n sunflower seeds (high calorie but packed with protein and other nutrients, home made dried apricots, fruit bars, flex seed crackers, natural sesame seed chips (made from scratch not store gotten)

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1/21/14 3:19 A

Almonds and an apple. Personally I would add a bag of dried codfish to that for protein, but I get that that's an acquired taste. Perhaps you like beef or turkey jerky?

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (243,779)
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1/21/14 1:06 A

* Sandwiches - wholegrain with lean protein and perhaps bit of salady stuff with it.

* If you like COLD stuffed baked Jkt Potatoes, they are nice. I actually LOVE them cold, and find them more filling - I guess because the starch changes to become resistant starch. I mash cottage cheese, a little low fat tasty cheddar, spring onion and bell peppers into it -- yuuummmm.

* A hard boiled egg with some salad and sandwich.

* Take some cut up pieces of fruit. Then you can nibble at them during the day when you need them.

* a little bag with a few nuts and some dried fruit - maybe a couple dried figs or prunes. You don't HAVE to eat them if you aren't hungry - they will last for another day.

* a little tub of low-fat yoghurt.


MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,100)
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1/20/14 5:24 P

Any of the following in insulated bag:

cut up veggies
tuna packet
greek yogurt
lettuce wrap

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
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1/20/14 5:02 P

Bananas and peanut butter, cheese sticks, a *portioned* bag of ganola.

1/20/14 4:27 P

I'm from a small town, and so every week or two I go and do grocery/household shopping/errands in a town about an hour away. I end up being gone a good portion of the day, through lunch. Normally, I'd run through a fast food joint, but no more! What are some ideas of what to bring along? I will have to eat in my car, so no warming anything up.

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